Industrial ARM-based Starter Kit

Industrial ARM-based Starter Kit

10-minute Startup for Your ARM Project


• Verified hardware and software for immediate start
• Pre-installed ready-to-run Linux OS


Designed to assist developers get up and running quickly on ARM-based platforms and applications. Advantech Industrial ARM starter kit is a complete package that includes the basic components necessary to quickly start development on ARM architectures.

We’ve built a streamlined evaluation process with follow-up design-in services for you.


Starter Kit Contents

  • RISC CPU Module or boards
  • Referenced development board (for RTX and Qseven)
  • Debug Kit
  • 7” LCD (touch optional)
  • I/O daughter board
  • 4GB SD card
  • Power adapter
  • Cable kit
  • Built in image & test utility
  • Multiple OS image support

10-minute Startup for Your ARM Project


Enable Diverse Applications with ARM Solutions

Smart Automatic Gate Machines

Reliable and Power Saving Design for Smart Automatic Gate Machines

An underground transit systems customer in Europe was looking to upgrade their outdated gate machines. For safety, the gate machines needed to be ultra stable and able to work outdoors in wide temperature ranges. They needed to be easy to install and control through a user-friendly graphical user interface from the main control center. Another challenge was maintenance, in order to shorten regular maintenance schedules, the customer hoped the control interface could perform self-inspections and be configured wirelessly. For cost saving, the customer wished to have a solution that could easily manage several gates at a time.

See how Advantech ARM-based 3.5” SBC RSB-4220 empower this applications.

Intelligent Factory Automation System

Rich I/O for Reading Sensor Data and Control Device to Build Intelligent Factory Automation System

In chemical factories, chemical materials and finished liquid and gas products are transmitted via pipes. Those gasses and liquids are not all neutral; most of them are alkaline or acidic and some are caustic so there are very real dangers if there are leaks. Making sure substances are stable in the pipes is very important. In general, factories install pressure meters to monitor pipe conditions, and use speakers or warning lights to notify if there are emergencies or abnormalities. Pipes have valves for releasing or adjusting pressure, but they still need to be controlled by experienced people. One well known chemical factory in Taiwan was looking for an efficient and reliable automated solution.

See how Advantech ARM-based 3.5” SBC RSB-4420 empower this applications.

Longevity Medical Device Development

Flexible Modular Design for Longevity Medical Device Development

Medical related certifications take around 2 years to have a product certified. One world famous medical device supplier in the U.S. came to Advantech for a long-life product solution. Most Integrated Circuits (IC) designed for consumer products are not able to fulfill the demand of 7 to 10 year longevity. Only more expensive industrial-grade components can fulfill this requirement but the price has been challenged by more and more low-cost products in the market. So now is a good time to replace traditional x86-based systems with ARM-based low cost solutions. This protects profit margins and helps medical device suppliers find a balance between cost, quality and longevity.

See how Advantech ARM-based Qseven ROM-7420 empower this applications.

Rugged Gantry Cranes

Intelligent and Rugged Solution for Gantry Cranes

The use of gantry crane systems for transporting heavy payloads is a common sight in ports and construction sites. However, moving bulky payloads by crane is not a straightforward task, especially when the swing angle, rotation and transfer speed need to be correctly calculated. In the past, gantry cranes were completely controlled by humans. The operator controlled the crane manually and visually, both inside and outside the cab, so it was easy to miss-control loads and accidents were frequent due to mis-communication or simply through inexperience. The other challenge was that because gantry cranes are usually placed in ports or are close to the sea, they needed to be able to operate in rugged and salt corrosive environments.

See how Advantech ARM-based RTX ROM-3420 empower this applications.

Intelligent Parcel Locker

Reliable Data collector and I/O manager for Intelligent Parcel Locker

Facing massive online business orders, the customer realized they had to change their ways to fulfill all delivery requirements. Labor costs and resource needed to be carefully managed and a new intelligent logistics business model needed to be introduced—supplementing the workforce with intelligent devices, so total control and monitoring can be enabled through the implementation of a cloud service.
See how Advantech ARM-based RTX ROM-3420 empower this applications.

Compact Banknote Recycler

Complete ARM-based Development Kit and Design-in Services for Compact Banknote Recycler

In the past, banknote recycling machines were only used in large businesses like banks and casinos so the size of the machine didn’t really matter. However, as more and more stores and companies received fake notes, they started searching for banknote recycling machines to protect their own interests. One of the leading companies of banknote recycler machines found that new customers were asking for a small-sized functional banknote recyclers, but at that time they didn’t really have this kind of solution. New customers had no interest in the traditional stand-alone, powerful banknote machines, they want something compact, noiseless, power saving, cost effective and it needed to be portable.

See how Advantech ARM-based Qseven ROM-7420 empower this applications.

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Mobility Qseven i.MX6 Starter Kit



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