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About Advantech DMS

Advantech has been delivering IoT products for over 30 years. To best serve its outsourcing customers, DMS, a dedicated team, was created to provide professional customization services for industrial grade computing systems. We specialize in design and manufacture of high quality industrial hardware and tailored software that fulfill exact needs for sectors such as gaming, healthcare, portable devices, retail, and embedded systems.

DMS offers not only collaborative design, flexible manufacturing and European support, but also service that gives customers a dramatic market advantage. Embracing the company value of Altruism, we see ourselves as a long-term partner to help our customers maintain prosperity, now and into the future.

The mission of Advantech Medical DMS is to become the strategic partner of the leading healthcare providers. Advantech provides a wide range of customized medical certified computing solutions. Our product portfolio includes medical computing systems, medical panel PCs/AIOs, medical tablet PCs, and also fitness computing consoles. With strong customization capability and experience in medical grade systems, Medical DMS not only deliver qualified medical computing products to our customers but also act as the strategic & innovative partner for medical customers.

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DMS Service Portfolio for Medical Computer Hardware

We can help you to customize Advantech medical certified computer hardware with diverse medical applications.
Please note that we create medical devices with computerized parts in it. Medical equipment without computer hardware is not in our service portfolio.


Computer hardware parts and customizations to be used for example in

  • Dental Imaging
  • Endoscopy
  • Lab Equipment
  • Mammography
  • MRI
  • Tread Mill
  • Ultrasound
  • Vital Sign Monitoring
  • X-Ray 
    and much more

Why Advantech DMS

Advantech’s 6 Unique Competencies


1. Time to Market
2. Longevity Support
3. Customization version Control (Bios, EE, ME)
4. Value Engineering (Cost Down Capability)
5. Manufacturing Risk Control / Back up Plan
6. Extensive Services (Thermal Simulation, Global Logistics, iManager/SUSIAccess)

Reasons to Choose Advantech for Your next Project


  • More than 33 years’ experience in Industrial & Medical computing
  • Your design and manufacturing partner
  • Long term support for product longevity (3-5+ year life cycle)
  • Time to Market, Value Engineering, Cost Down Capability
  • Own production in ASIA and Europe assembling facilities with ISO 13485:3003 certification
  • Manufacturing Risk Control back up plan

Advantech Europe - 25 years of Innovation.

Advantech is committed to helping its customers find the perfect solution to complex challenges. To better assist its customers, our pan-European team from the company’s Embedded IoT division is tasked with supporting existing IoT opportunities and projects. We promote Advantech’s co-creation model, whose chief objective is to work with software partners and system integrators to build a complete industrial IoT supply chain ecosystem. The team’s remit includes co-creating and replicating proven solutions, bundles and successful business cases – helping customers move faster with the right solutions. Fill in the contact form and get a head-start today on IoT in medical.


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