Integrated Automation Systems

Enabling machine vision,
motion control and factory signage

Integrated Automation Systems

Enabling machine vision,
motion control and factory signage

Making Intelligent Factory Accessible


In the IoT era, industrial automation has gradually become sufficiently reliable to serve as an effective part of the production process. With Advantech embedded IoT system solutions, the production line can be automated with robotic machine control as well as visual inspection and support data visualization through our software service.

3 Winning Facts

Flexible and Compact Design

Advantech embedded IoT systems not only deliver high performance, but also reliability and flexibility. To provide flexible support for different function requests, Advantech offers diverse modular products, including stackable I/O expansion and customized power inputs. The compact design not only enables easy IoT implementation but also energy saving.

IoT Ready Platform

Embedded IoT systems are all equipped with wireless connectivity and innovative software services to realize the IoT implementation. Wireless connectivity can be used to flexibly connect with various pieces of equipment to maximize quality and throughput. Our WISE-PaaS software platform can empower the deployment and management of IoT applications.

Maximizing Production Efficiency

All the systems are integrated with automation related peripherals, allowing use of a wide variety of controls and sensors that can add value to any management installation. Through the use of PCI cards and software remote monitoring, customers are able to attach a host of servo motors and cameras to achieve excellent flexible systems for reliable image and data acquisition. The utilization of data analysis and management can significantly improve the production yields and speeds.

Success Stories

Cross-system Integration for an Intelligent Factory

Automation involves connecting machines, work pieces, and systems to a network so they communicate with each other in an intelligent system where individual units influence each other automatically to maximize quality and throughput. read more

Empower Automated Optical Inspection for Automobile Factory

To provide the automobile manufacturer with a multi-axis AOI, Advantech, as a leading industrial automation solution provider, built up a comprehensive solution for automotive quality inspection. read more

Increasing Productivity with Integrated Solutions

Advantech provided a comprehensive solution for its customer. For this project, motion control cards, frame grabbers and camera greatly influenced the overall system productivity and accuracy. read more

Enhancing Maintenance Flow Process and Customer Engagement

One of our customers, a chain of automotive maintenance centers in Shanghai, planned to streamline its maintenance flow process and enhance its communication with customers. read more

Hot Runner Monitoring in Injection Molding Improves Product Quality

This customer is a Korea-based supplier of hot runner systems for injection molding equipment, and they wished to leverage IoT technology to enhance their monitoring and control over molding more

IoT Systems Deployment in Intelligent Factory


IoT Software Architecture


Through new ideas and technologies, Advantech embedded IoT systems integrated a series of innovative software solutions to make our systems more manageable, power-saving, and secure. This effectively relieves system developers and users of the complexity of device management and maintenance, and simplifies the operation of embedded devices.


WISE-PaaS, An Integrated IoT Platform Software Services

These systems are the built-in WISE-PaaS series software services. For IoT device remote monitoring and management, WISE-Paas/RMM features advanced server functions. It can integrate into customers’ applications and adapt to different IoT device usages. For data collection and graphical interfaces for supervisory management, we have WebAccess/SCADA, which communicates in real-time with automation equipment and controls the equipment…learn more

Microsoft Azure, IoT Cloud Solutions

Advantech provides cloud services powered by Azure and WISE-PaaS to assist customers with connecting their industrial solutions to the cloud. Pre-configured solution packages serve as ladders for connecting devices, analyzing typically ignored data, integrating business systems, and transforming business models and revenue streams.…learn more


Product Offerings

Edge Intelligence Server



  • Intel® Celeron® J1900
  • WES7E/Win 10 Enterprise
  • COM, GbE
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth


  • Complete IoT connection solution, from sensor, to edge system, to cloud
  • lPre-configured Microsoft Azure service: Device Management Package (1 month free trial)

Built-in software forFREE


Remote Monitoring and Management

  • Centralized IoT device HW & SW status management
  • Built-in 15+ real-time monitoring widgets

Smart SCADA Management

  • Dashboard Editor & Viewer
  • Widget Library & Widget Builder
  • Cross Browser & Device Viewing

IoT Development Tools

  • Node-RED Data Flow Logic Designer
  • Dashboard Builder
  • Protocol Plug-in SDK & Configuration Tools

Embedded IoT Systems

Motion & Vision Integrated

Embedded platform



Multi expansion series
Intel® 6th Gen Core i3/i5/i7

Motion card



Motion controller with Position Latch and Trigger output for Camera

Frame grabber



4-port PCI Express Intelligent GigE Vision Frame Grabber

Motion Control Solutions

Embedded platform



Multi expansions series
Intel® Celeron® N3160

Motion cards


EtherCAT master card


DSP-based 4-axis motion control


DSP-based 8-axis motion control

Soft control platform



Compact series
Intel® Celeron® J1900

Machine Vision Solutions

Embedded platform



Multi expansion series
Intel® 6th Gen Core i3/i5/i7

Machine vision cards


4-port 10/100/1000
BaseT(X) 802.3af


2-port 10/100/1000
BaseT(X) 802.3af

Machine vision camera



0.3-10.0 Mega Pixel PoE Industrial Camera

Built-in software forFREE


Remote Monitoring and Management

  • Centralized IoT device HW & SW status management
  • Built-in 15+ real-time monitoring widgets

Factory Signage



  • Intel® Celeron® J1900
  • Dual FHD displays
  • 2x LAN, 2x COM, 4x USB


  • Intel® 6th Gen Core i3/i5/i7
  • Triple displays, up to 4K
  • OPS interface


  • Intel® 6th Gen Core i3/i5/i7
  • UP to six displays and 4K
  • HDMI 2.0, M.2 (Wifi/BT), PCIe x16

Built-in software forFREE


Content management

  • Manages up to 500 screens
  • Drag and drop operation
  • Supports rich multimedia content

Device management

  • Remote monitoring
    (CPU, fan, voltage)
  • Remote control: KVM
  • Whitelist protection and one-click recovery

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