Embedded PC for Self-service Kiosks

Easy to Install and Rugged Solutions with Full Software Integration Services

Self-service kiosks are to be seen everywhere these days in retail stores, airports, restaurants, outdoor parking spaces, and many other places. With many years’ experience behind us and proven success in kiosk applications, Advantech Embedded PC provides a full range of systems designed with x86 and Arm-based processors for 3.5“ SBC and Mini-ITX motherboards, featuring optimized mechanical designs, rugged features, and HW and SW integration services for all kinds of kiosk application requirements.

  • THIN Design & Rugged

  • Flexible Integration

  • Full-range

  • IoT Software

Design Features

Leading Technology Innovation
  • 1U THIN design with full-sized expansion card
  • -40~85°C wide temperature supports
  • 9–36-V wide-range DC power input
  • Fan/fanless design with optimized thermal solutions
Easy Installation & Quick Maintenance

Our prevalidated system with integrated software and peripherals help customers to simplify the installation and maintenance for their kioks applications.

Full-Range of EPC

Advantech embedded PCs provide a full-range of products from x86 and Arm-based platforms for different application needs.

Advantech WISE-PaaS IoT Software Integration
    • ▪ Centralized management
    • ▪ High availability
    • ▪ Sensor/device connectivity
    • ▪ Centralized update management
    • ▪ Upgrade scheduling
    • ▪ Rollback support
    • ▪ Central security management
    • ▪ Whitelist and threat prevention
    • ▪ Global threat intelligence

Application Story

Self-ordering Machine
  • Space limited
  • High computing power
  • Rich I/O connectivity
Solution: EPC-T2285
  • 1U THIN design
  • Intel® 6th/7th Gen Core® i5 processor
  • 8 x USB, 2 x COM
Intelligent Vending Machine
  • Low power consumption
  • Multi USB and UART ports
  • Supports Wi-Fi/BT/4G LTE module
Solution: EPC-R6410
  • Longevity Linux Android upgrade
  • Wireless capability: M.2, miniPCIe
  • VGA/HDMI support
Key Duplication Kiosk
  • Space limited
  • Thermal solution
  • Reliability
Solution: EPC-T1217
  • 11U THIN design
  • Fanless solution
  • 8 x USB, 6 x COM
Tourist Information System
  • Sufficient I/O & dual display
  • Reliability
  • Wireless internet access
Solution: EPC-S101
  • Palm-size & fanless system design
  • 6 x USB/ 4 x COM/ 2 x LAN ports/ 2 x display/ 2 x antenna
Interactive Vending Machine
  • Space limited
  • Different voltage supply
  • Rich I/O connectivity
Solution: EPC-T3285
  • 1U THIN design
  • 9~36V DC-in
  • One full height PCIe expansion slot

Product Selections

  • EPC-T1217
    • Intel® Pentium Quad Core Dual display
    • Supports multiple display DP 1.2/HDMI 1.4b/VGA
  • EPC-T2285
    • Intel® 6th/7th Gen desktop Core™ I
    • Wall/VESA/Din Rail/Rack mounting kits
  • EPC-T3285
    • Intel® 7th & 6th Gen desktop Core™ i
    • 1 x full height PCIe expansion slot
  • EPC-B2275
    • Intel® 6th/7th Gen desktop Core™ I
    • Triple display of VGA/DP/HDMI
  • EPC-R4760
    • Qualcomm Arm® Cortex®-A53
    • On-board wireless connectivity - Wi-Fi, BT, and GNSS
  • EPC-R6410
    • NXP Arm ® Cortex®-A9 i.MX6
    • Dual Display: VGA/HDMI
  • EPC-S101
    • Intel® Celeron N3160/N3060
    • 6 x USB/ 4 x COM/ 2 x LAN ports/ 2 x display/ 2 x antenna holes
  • EPC-S201
    • Intel® Atom N3500
    • Wall/Din Rail/desk mounting kits