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Deep Learning
Machine Vision Solutions

Machine vision deployment made simple

As the “eye of production”, machine vision solutions have become essential for manufacturing and production, and for good reason. It’s the key to generating measurable results. However, traditional systems can struggle to effectively process distortions, as well as different fonts, sizes and languages. This inefficient approach to visual inspection or quality assurance processes continue to be a bottleneck for production.

At Advantech, we wanted to do something about it. After all, as a global IoT leader in the fields of intelligent systems and embedded platforms, our core aim is to enable a more intelligent planet.Our Machine Vision solutions features an industrial training server, edge inference industrial PC and smart camera. With its powerful, scalable accelerators, Advantech Vision Suite software and OpenVino SDK (Software Developing Kit), our solution combines image labelling, training and inference processing. And it’s these retraining processes which ensure the system is intelligent and adaptive. The result? Defect inspection that’s easier, more agile and offers greater reliability on the factory floor.

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Advantech’s machine vision solutions make defect inspection easier and more effective, too. 

Solution Architecture



  • Intel® Xeon® industrial server
  • Integrates Advantech Vision Suite software

Machine Vision Deep Learning Software Development Toolkit

Vision Suite

4U Rackmount Intel® Xeon® Scalable Series Server

Tesla T4

GPU Card


  • Hardware solutions
    1. Optical character recognition (OCR): smart camera
    2. Defect inspection: industrial computer, frame grabber, industrial camera
  • Integrates Intel® Deep Learning Inference Software and Toolkit-DLS Management Agent and OpenVINO™
  • Equipped with a graphical user interface machine vision edge software - EzBuilder

Model Optimizer

Intel® OpenVINO™

Machine Vision Edge Software


Compact Fanless System with 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i CPU Socket


Automation Computer with Intel® Core™ i CPU

ICAM-7000 Series

Smart Camera


miniPCIe Edge AI Acceleration Modules