Industrial Display Systems
Brighter, Rugged and Easier to Use
Industrial Grade and Quality

Advantech provides industrial grade display solutions for industrial applications which require a more rugged spec., longevity, and higher quality.

Enhanced Durability and Visibility

Our display systems are specially engineered to meet mission-critical requirements with special optical bonding, high brightness, and IP ratings from our own LCD clean rooms.

Design-to-Order Service

To better service our customers, Advantech provides DTOS services including mechanical, optical, FW/SW, and system engineering to design and produce displays tailored to your unique demands.

In-house Design and Manufacturing Capabilities
Advantech is committed to developing brighter, clearer and more durable industrial displays and has built class 10,000/1,000 LCD clean rooms with ISO certification to develop our own technologies in Taiwan, China Kunshan and North America. With 30,000 pieces made monthly and all capabilities in-house, we bring high add-on value, quality, and reliability to our industrial display products.
ATMC Taipei, Taiwan 10,000 clean room
30K pcs production/month
AASC, Milpitas, NA 10,000 clean room
5K pcs production/month
AKMC Kunshan, China 1,000 clean room
20K pcs production/month

Innovative designs for bright, clear images

Optical Bonding

  • Enhances visibility by 400%
  • Anti-moisture and anti-dust
  • Better durability with vandal resistance
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Wet Bond

Advantech wet bond uses special optical glue to provide high reliability bonding solutions

Screen Size 7"~24"
Thickness Maximum gap control
Area Whole surface
Applications Highest ruggedness
Dry Bond

Advantech dry bond uses an optical adhesive applied through a heat and pressure process.

Screen Size 3.2"~27"
Thickness Max. 1.0mm gap fill
Area Display area
Applications Light rugged, low cost
Wet Bond Type VS Dry Bond Type
7"~24" Screen Size 3.2"~27"
Maximum gap control Thickness Max. 1.0mm gap fill
Whole surface Area Display area
Highest ruggedness Applications Light rugged, low cost

Reduced Reflection


Enhanced Durability

Reworkable Design

High Brightness

  • Enhanced sunlight readability
  • Comparative low power than market competitors (about 20% less)
  • <40°C surface LCD operating temp.
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A normal 350 cd/m display usually looks washed out or becomes invisible under strong sunlight, since the ambient light is too strong (normally 10,000 nits) causing strong reflections that reduce readability of the screen. Advantech high brightness solutions can enhance LCD brightness by up to 2,000 cd/m without increasing heat issues. With our advanced LED backlight design, Advantech high brightness solutions achieve excellent power saving; about 20% less energy than competing products with the same level of brightness. Our Passive Thermal Cyclone system runs 10°C cooler than regular solutions which in return, increase lifetime and reliability in outdoor rugged environments. Thus, our solutions allow lower temperatures of less than 40°C on the display surface at start up without a fan.

Sunlight Readable

2,000 nits

Low Power Design

IP Rating Design

  • IP65/IP54 rating
  • Compact and slim bezel designs
  • Increased reliability and durability

Advantech display design team provides cost effective, well-engineered mechanical solutions for all manner of environments. Our IP65 rating solution uses ruggedized front metal frames for IP65 water and dust resistance while keeping a compact and narrow bezel design. Our solutions include a full-range of touchscreens including Resistive touch, PCAP touch and protective glass. In response to a demand for contemporary styling and easy maintenance, Advantech also offers 100% flat IP54 rated glass front PCAP touchscreens. The metal chassis design delivers an easy to clean and maintain glass surface that ensures product longevity.

IP65/54 Protection

Compact Design

Flat Surface Design

In-house Capability Videos

Curved Display Manufacturing

Optical Bonding

High Brightness

Optical Film Laminating

WHY you need to ENHANCE your display?
Unlike the consumer market, the vertical market has very specific environmental requirements, be it sunlight readability, rugged design, or extended operating temperature. Download the infographic to learn more about display enhancement.

Application Stories

Bike Rental Systems
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  • Operation in direct sunlight
  • Fluctuating temperatures
  • Reliable and 7/24 operation
Solutions: IDS-3210
  • 1200 cd/m2 high brightness
  • Wide temperature operation of -20°C ~ 60°C
  • Slim open frame bezel architecture for flexible and customized face plates
Digital Drive-thru Menu Boards
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  • Installed in a semi-outdoor environments
  • Must work 24/7
  • Must be energy efficient design
Solutions: IDS-3121W
  • Enhanced brightness from 300nits to 1200nits
  • Smart 5-level auto-brightness design
  • Lower power consumption
Military Spectrum Analyzer
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  • Clearly viewable in daylight
  • Vandal resistant while in use
  • An intuitive operation
Solutions: IDK-1110WP
  • Optical bonding for touchscreen and 3mm cover glass integration
  • PCAP touchscreen integration
  • Wide operating temperature from -20~60°C
Portable Ultrasound Systems
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  • Consistent high quality images
  • Supports touch operation even with surgical gloves
  • Subject to drops and impacts of varying severity
Solutions: IDK-1115P
  • Anti-glare coating and optical bonding
  • PCAP touchscreen and IP-65 rated mechanical design
  • DICOM compliant AD board built-in

Product Selections

  • Industrial LCD Kit
    IDK-1000 Series

    5.7”~32” with LVDS signal interface

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  • High Bright LCD Kit
    IDK-2000 Series (1200 cd/m2)

    8.4”`21.5” with LVDS interface

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  • Slim Open Frame Monitor
    IDS-3100 Series

    6.5”`21.5” with VGA/DVI interface

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  • Panel Mount Monitor
    IDS-3200 Series

    6.5”`21.5” with VGA/DVI interface

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  • IP65 Monitor

    10.4”, 15”, 21.5” with VGA/DVI interface

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  • Proflat Monitors t
    IDP31 Series

    10.4”, 19”, 21.5” with VGA/DVI/HDMI interface

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Learn about the Latest Advantech Industrial Display Systems
Advantech provides a wide range of reliable displays from 5.7“ to 55” including LCD panels, open frame monitors, outdoor displays, panel mount monitors, and digital signage displays, which work perfectly with our embedded boards and systems to fulfill various application needs. Download the brochure to learn more about our offerings.