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Manufacturers today are seeking efficiencies in production, and the way to transform their business through Industry 4.0. To realize Industry 4.0 does not have to necessitate a major infrastructure overhaul that costs a lot of money. Intelligent factory solutions have the ability to connect and extract data even from unconnected legacy systems, and compute and visualize the data for intelligent management and data-driven digital transformation!


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Overall Equipment_a

Overall Equipment

Effectiveness Solution

Factory Energy_a

Factory Energy

Management Solution

Three Steps to Start Your Industry 4.0 Journey


With WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink edge data acquisition software, data collected from different machines and multiple facilities goes through the edge into one single platform, either on-premises or in the cloud platform.


With WebAccess/SCADA software, data is aggregated in the on-premises server, or directly transmitted into the WISE-PaaS cloud platform. Data is analyzed and visualized with the industrial application software.


Using contextualized and visualized data, both real-time and historical, in the Industry 4.0 Situation Room, enables managers to gain significant intelligence and actionable insights for optimizing operation efficiency.


KPI Management

Production KPI allows production performance to be measured and compared for real-time management. It also provides immediate customizable notifications so that appropriate people can be alerted in an unexpected factory floor condition or event.

Remote Access, Anytime Anywhere

Mobile access to dashboard empowers operators to view data and get insights proactively. It also supports managers to ascertain business intelligence, make decisions, and determine appropriate actions to take.

Dashboard Visualization

User-centric, custom dashboards provide a quick overview on factory operational KPIs. The dashboard visualizations include trends, graphs, diagrams, tables and process displays.

Real-time Data Management

It also allows users to view real-time and historical data in the Industry 4.0 Situation Room to support the managers to have efficient data-driven decision making.


2019 Industry 4.0 Global Success Stories

Find out how we tailored Intelligent Factory solutions for global system integrators and manufacturers in the world of Industry 4.0 !

Unleash the Power of Industry 4.0

Dashboard Management

Real-time Production Management

Machine status can be monitored as machine running, error, idle, and machine stopped. Integrated with MES, the work-in-process (WIP) information can be connected to machine status for analyzing and improving overall production efficiency.

Machine Availability Management

The runtime of each machine can be counted to calculate machine availability that reflects the percentage of planned production time the machine is available for operation. Machine availability can be utilized to evaluate the return on investment (ROI).

Dashboard Management

Production Management: Day Shift & Night Shift

The comparative production analysis of day and night shifts can be examined in detail on a daily basis, to further evaluate and improve the performance.

Changeover Efficiency Management

The average changeover time can be calculated to analyze daily efficiency. To figure out the small differences, accurate scheduling changeovers at the right time can improve operation efficiency.

Dashboard Management

Energy Consumption Overview

An overview of past energy profiles and current energy consumption data provides a systematic approach to identify problem areas and prime targets for energy reduction.

Energy KPI Management

KPI settings allow users to measure and review energy usage and efficiency of each department, reducing energy waste and improving energy efficiency.

Dashboard Management

Energy Consumption and Cost Analysis

Production is usually the largest energy consuming part of a factory. Energy consumption data and costs can be analyzed and compared with utility bills to help improve energy efficiency and wastage.

Machine Utilization and Energy Efficiency

Production-integrated energy management enables machine availability tracking with machine energy consumption, to enhance operational efficiency and allow preventive maintenance.

System Diagram


Solution Ready Package

Selection of Industrial Application

Overall Equipment Effectiveness Solution

  • Rapid configuration of OEE solution
  • Intelligent platform improves machine availability
  • Easy data management to optimize production efficiency

Factory Energy Management Solution

  • Rapid configuration of FEMS solution
  • Intelligent platform improves energy saving
  • Easy data management to optimize energy efficiency
Selection of Computing Carrier

Lite Server

  • RMIC-7700 with i7-7700T
  • Win10 + PostgreSQL + Office
  • WebAccess 8.3 5000 tags
  • Up to a maximum of 200 devices supported

Enterprise Server

  • HPC-8212 with Xeon Silver 4110 8 core
  • WinSvr2016 + PostgreSQL + Office
  • WebAccess 8.3 unlimited
  • Up to a maximum of 2000 devices supported

Cloud Service

  • Cloud service in WISE-PaaS/EnSaaS
    cloud-based software platform
  • Unlimited devices supported
Selection of Data Acquisition Edge

Edge for Production Equipment

  • IEC61131 programming language
  • Built-in edgelink function
  • Periodic logger for data buffering on SD card
  • Linux kernel 3.12 RT
  • Zigbee/Wi-Fi/3G/4G
  • Built-in AI/DI/DOc

Edge for Factory Facilities

  • IEC61131 programming language
  • Build in edgelink function
  • Periodic logger for data buffering on SD card
  • Linux kernel 3.12 RT
  • Zigbee/Wi-Fi/3G/4G
  • 2x RS- 485 isolated serial ports

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