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Fully Rugged Tablet and Application Oriented Peripherals


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Warehouse Management Solution

With heavy pressure from deadlines, error-free stock management and high order volumes, the challenges to companies are growing. Smooth business processes are the key to success. The distribution of goods in retail, for example, requires complete transparency at all times – from delivery, stock requests, order picking and loading, through to distribution to individual markets.


Transportation Management Solution

In the long-haul trucking industry, the management of vehicle fleets can be extremely challenging. This is because the vehicles are geographically spread, the back-end dispatch center must consolidate information for billing and invoicing, and customer service staff require real-time delivery information to communicate with customers. 


Advantech Management Solution

 Realize ZF warehouse management

PWS-872 10" Fully Rugged Tablet

Serves in various applications


PWS-872 10” Fully Rugged Tablet

With application-oriented peripherals

New Era of TingTong Logistics

Real-time Management from Warehouse to Logistics Fleets

Global Successful Cases


China Tingtong Logistics Breaks Through the Efficiency Bottleneck through Digital Logistics

As a labor-intensive industry, how can the logistics industry use high-quality warehouse solutions and order tracking management systems to enhance operating efficiency? Instead of manual processing, Tingtong's warehouse uses a fully digital and paperless process to reduce picking errors and improve efficiency, thereby becoming an industry model.

  • Paperless Process, Tingtong Breaks Through the Efficiency Bottleneck
  • Real-Time Order Tracking Freight Management to Enhance Efficiency
  • Advantech Solution Improves Operational Efficiency

Australia Linfox Building World Top Digital Logistics and Fleet Management System

Australia cover 7.69 million square kilometers, which is vast scale and hard for logistics fleet management. Linfox, Australia's second largest logistics firm, decide to build new generation IOT logistics fleet management system. The new system  will greatly reduce the chance of accidents, enhance the operation efficiency and implement the "people-oriented" spirit of enterprise.

  • Enable IOT in supply chain management
  • Enhance driving safety through driver behavior management  

Europe SPAR Enhances In-vehicle Management In Warehouse and Transportation Logistics with Advantech

The tablet PC is positioned via a robust vehicle dock in the cab of the truck. It is equipped with a SIM card in order to receive and send all information relevant to a given order and route. A camera system is connected to the tablet – up to four cameras help drivers with the coupling and uncoupling of trailers and with maneuvering.

  • Wireless communication in real time
  • Route management system for efficient trading
  • Rugged tablet with touch screen for all work on the road

Faster & Flexible Development for Logistics and Fleet Management Business

PWS-872 Industrial-Grade Tablet with Modular Peripherals for Diverse Applications

PWS-870 Fully Rugged Tablet and Application-Oriented Peripherals

Rugged Tablet Solution Offerings


10.1" Industrial Tablet with Intel® Atom™ Processor


AIM-68_Front 01 _B


8" Industrial-Grade Tablet with Intel® Atom™ Processor


Rugged Tablet Solution Offerings


10" Industrial-Grade Tablet with
7th Generation Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7/
Celeron® Processor

PWS872_Vechicle Docking-Front-With Product _B



10" Fully Rugged Tablet & Peripherals




10" Rugged Vehicle Mount Tablet & Peripherals


Industrial Handheld Terminal Offerings


5" Industrial Handheld Terminal with 2D Barcode Scanner and Android OS

PWS472_Front left_P

PWS-472 UHF RFID Reader

5" Industrial-Grade Handheld Terminal with UHF RFID Reader

PWS-472 UHF RFID_Front right_P

Rugged Vehicle-Mounted Terminal Offerings

DLT-V72 Series

Rugged X86-Based Vehicle Mounted Terminal


DLT-V72 front

DLT-V83 Series

Rugged High-Performance Vehicle-Mounted Terminal



Vehicle-Mounted Terminal with Integrated Keyboard

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