How IoT is Driving Business Growth


2016 is going to be a booming year for the IoT industry. Most Company Executives and Managers are targeting IoT as their key strategy to help their future business growth, for market development or production efficiency improvement.


To take advantage of business opportunities, System Integrators  and IoT Developers need to accomplish these technology transitions.


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Why Advantech for IoT

 Advantech IoT Gateway Starter Kit


To embrace IoT application changes, Advantech collaborated with Intel and Microsoft to create IoT Gateway Starter kit. It will empower your IoT application with a reliable platform and open gateway technologies.

Jumpstart building Your IoT applications quickly and efficiently with all You need


Ready-to-run System

Intel® Celeron® J1900 platform & Windows 7 Embedded


IoT Platform Software


Development Kit


Technical Support Service


Azure Service Integration


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Powerful IoT Connectivity Enables Intelligent Buildings

With IoT gateway, all devices can be connected to the internet for data transmission and processing. The building administrators may sit in the central control room, viewing dashboard to management the situation to maximize efficiency.


Cross-system Integration of an Intelligent Factory

For an iFactory developer is to bring all heterogeneous systems to an intelligent network, transform their data into a unified format standard for IoT communication and central management, and to coordinate all the systems so they work synergistically.


Cloud-based Intelligence for Retail Business

For retail system integrators to find a simply way to integrate multiple systems and provide a cloud platform for creating business intelligence. Using IoT technology to collect and analyze data to improve business strategies and practices.




Is IoT threatened by application challenges?


Even if many Companies are looking at IoT as a business development opportunity, there are some challenge to overcome

  • various types of serial communication and I/O interface available
  • many different protocol standards for industrial and private use
  • data service

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