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Jumpstart IoT Innovation with Pre-integrated Hardware, Software and Services Starter Kit


Tapping into IoT Value Faster

Many industry leaders are already investing in IoT deployment, beginning to realize the necessity of speeding up returns on their investments. How can you successfully navigate this transformation in a simply and efficient way?


Advantech collaborates with Intel and Microsoft to provide an IoT gateway starter kit that integrates hardware, software, and services to help customers not only create mutually beneficial capabilities to enable application innovation but also to simplify IoT deployment.



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Enable your application to make data connections that create new business value

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Jumpstart IoT Innovation

Advantech IoT gateway starter kit provides powerful turnkey building blocks to connect various existing Things, including machines, devices and sensors, and unifies different protocols as IoT standard: MQTT, then empowers IoT application development for data streaming, analytics and prediction solutions. With it, you can take your IoT innovation to market faster and create new business value.

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For Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

Connect your things to enable data acquisition, device management, and analytic intelligence that create new business value.

For System Integrators


Enable your projects to integrate all devices and systems quickly and efficiently to work together in a reliable platform.

For IoT Developers


Empower your applications to create innovations and practices that discover more business opportunities.

Simplify IoT Deployment

Unified IoT Protocols

Provides comprehensive software solution building blocks and SDK to connect various wireless/wired things (Modbus/TCP, Serial, 6LowPan, Wi-Fi), and unifies different protocols to the MQTT IoT standard, then empowers IoT application development for data streaming and device management


Cross-system Integration

Built-in WISE-PaaS IoT software platform services integrate multiple systems and provide dashboard builder and RESTful APIs that help design user interfaces and create various web services with new data, and functions, and other applications


Enable Data Analytics Services

With Microsoft Azure service certification and integration, users can easily push their data and analyze it in Azure with Machine Learning Services. This saves time and effort on project specs and creates business intelligence to improve business strategies and practices


Find IoT challenging?

Read how to successfully develop IoT applications

Be inspired by IoT Gateways Application Cases

Intelligent Buildings


Smart Factory


IoT Gateway Starter Kit Offerings


The whole package includes a ready-to-run system (Intel® Celeron® processor J1900-based platform & Windows 7 Embedded), IoT software platform service (WISE-PaaS), software development kit and technical support service, and Microsoft Azure service certification and integration. It not only simplifies IoT deployment, but also creates mutually beneficial capabilities to enable application innovation

Pre-configured System
  • Ultra Small (ARK-1123H) or Multiple I/O (ARK-2121L) Gateway
  • Intel® Celeron® J1900 SoC
  • Windows 7 Embedded
  • 4GB Memory
  • 500 GB HDD

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Pre-integrated IoT Software

Built-in WISE-Paas/RMM IoT Device Remote Monitoring and Management Software

  • Data Management
  • Device Monitoring/Contro
  • Intel® Security

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Microsoft Azure
  • Advantech’s gateway is verified to work with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.
  • WISE-PaaS/RMM is ready onMicrosoft Azure Marketplace to enable big data analytic services.

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Software Development Kit
  • Gateway SDK
  • Board Level SDK
  • 100+ RESTful APIs
  • Node-RED Logic Editor

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Technical Support
  • 3 Hours of Online Consulting with Exclusive Account to Track Service
  • FAQs

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