How to Simplify your Panel PC Configuration?


Plug your PC Computing Box into Display as a Module


When the computing box can plug into the display as a module, you can replace or upgrade either the computing box for the display module instead of the entire computing box/ display unit.


Benefits of Modular Panel PC Platform


Modularity is a Game-Changer for Industrial Automation

Modular Panel PCs are simply another logical extension of the modular concept already in use in many industrial automation hardware and software products and systems, offering a number of benefits. Configuring a computing box module to meet the exact needs of an application via modularization is fast, supports easy maintenance, and provides an upgradeable path to the future:


  • Flexible and Customizable - Build it Your Way
  • Computing Box itself as a Modular Platform
  • Maintain - Service as a Snap
  • Grow when the Time is Right

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