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Reliable & Smooth Implementation of Machine Visualization

To stay competitive in Industry 4.0 era, Advantech offers food manufacturers the world leading turnkey HMI Ready Solution

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Save time and money to develop projects

  • Installed, tested, activated visualization & communication Software

  • No additional license needed (plug and play)

  • No additional tech support costs or engineering environment costs

  • Custom fit platforms to meet your design needs

Complete Portfolio Makes Time and Cost More Efficient Than Ever!

Open HMI solution combines ready-to-go platforms with integrated and friendly software to brings you great cost and time efficiency.
Widely Integrated
You will find we've widely integrated all the major controllers by support over 450 PLC and controller communication drivers.
Time Saving
Greatly shortened engineering time by integrating HMI runtime and develop software with open communication for all industrial protocols.
Easy to Use
Its user-friendly interface featured solution-oriented objects, high-end vector graphics, recipes, alarms, data loggers and operation logging.

Increase your competitiveness through solutions aim to Industry 4.0 transformation

Food Processing Data Acquisition

Machine Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance Solution

Food & Beverage Machine Controllers Protocol Gateway

Production Equipment Monitoring & Control Solution

Processing Real-time OEE Management

MES Integration & Production Traceability Solution

Machine Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance Solution

Food Processing Devices Data Acquisition


Collect real-time data of machine dynamic status

  • Protocol gateway for big data acquisition in distributed I/O system which includes frequency/time/temperature/oil/pressure parameters

Increase the flexibility of field operation

  • Visualized HMI providing preventive maintenance recommendations and flexibility to on-time, on-site reparative operation

Application & Benefits

Increase Productivity & Reduce Maintenance Costs
For the essential equipment of the production line, through sensors, constantly monitoring, collecting production status, and real-time data transmission to the data server, proceeding big data analysis, forecasting equipment downtime, adopt preventive maintenance, anticipatory increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs.
Real-time Monitoring
Reduce the cost from unexpected errors by real-time machinery information monitoring for preventive maintenance.
Easy Operation
Easy operation by visualized HMI to avoid manly mistake.

System Architecture

Production Equipment Monitoring & Control Solution

Food & Beverage Machine Controllers Protocol Gateway

Production Equipment Monitoring & Control-cut

Communication bridge between multiple systems

  • Embedded gateway for protocol, data exchange to achieve real-time monitoring on sensors, machines and production equipment.

All-connected Production Management

  • Every thin client HMI terminal, gateway and remote devices, is used for efficiency, equipment availability, yield rate/quality and achievement rate management on SMT, DIP & Testing, stamping press processes.

Application & Benefits

Do More for Automatic Detection Systems
More and more sophisticated products, the production line allocates automatic detection systems, such as: AOI, ATE and visual detection equipment, which improves test efficiency and product quality.
Gathering All the Big Data
Controllable equipment availability, yield rate/quality and achievement rate.
Advanced management
Achieve advanced management by integrating detecting information.

System Architecture

MES Integration & Production Traceability Solution

Processing Real-time OEE Management

MES Integration & Production Traceability-cut

Provide accessible field-site production information to factory central management system

  • Field-site HMI connecting to remote SCADA server across OT/IT field via Ethernet translate local data to managerial message for MES/ERP analysis.

Photo: Advantech's Intelligent Factory, Taipei.

Application & Benefits

Optimizing the Production Allocation
MES production system, collecting dynamic information of production process, optimizing the production allocation, to reach the goal of advanced manufacturing, also can trace the production process of products. Furthermore this production process information can be monitored remotely.
Flexible Plan
Flexible production plan by advanced manufacturing management.
Reduce maintenance effort

Reduce maintenance effort by remote monitoring system.

System Architecture

Open HMI Solutions Portfolio

WebAccess/HMI Bundle Package

Standard Open HMI Series

Box Open HMI Series

Lite Open HMI Series

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