Outdoor Kiosks


5 reasons to invest in Outdoor Kiosks

Outdoor kiosks offer convenience and benefits and help the growth of a successful business: that's why competing companies are adapting the strategy of using kiosks to increase revenue and the use of kiosks is steadily gaining popularity in the global market

Improve buying experience

Kiosks deliver to customers detailed information about products and services offered

Customers can easily use a Kiosk for inquiries like product pricing, availability and feature comparison

Since easily accessible by customers on an as-needed basis, Kiosks help save time and allow consumers to have confidence that the company is doing every effort to improve the customer experience

Finally, Kiosks promote loyalty among consumers

Increase customer base

By placing kiosks at strategic locations, it's easy to reach more customers without additional investments

By expanding the customer base, Kiosks help providing more opportunities to sell more and to increase revenue in a cost-effective way

Reduce the cost of business

Using Kiosk strategy is possible to offer more services at a lower cost

For example, since an Information Kiosk can provide the consumer with answers to many of their buying questions on an on-demand basis, it allows to focus labor costs on sales, increasing the total sales volume

Gain efficiency through diverse applications

Interactive Kiosks are scalable solutions that can perform many aspects of the customer service that typically require human interaction: accepting job applications, processing credit applications, managing gift registries, purchasing gift cards, getting info about transportation services etc.

Providing these services through an on-demand electronic interface allows the consumer to accomplish multiple tasks in a single Multi-function Kiosk

Boosts job satisfaction

Enabling Kiosks to take care of enquiries not related to sales or service delivery, let employees focus their efforts on their job

Outdoor Kiosks Trends

An emerging market: Non-Profit


Kiosks can provide a simple application for volunteer scheduling or for special events that require a large number of participants to sign up, and/or check-in


Non-profits utilize kiosks for cash handlingto receive donations. Kiosks are an effective way to track donations and can integrate printers to provide receipts

Volunteer Recruiting

Non-profits can attract new volunteers broadcasting marketing message on their Kiosk and manage the sign-up process for new volunteers

Education & Outreach

Kiosks can share Non-profit's story in a compelling, interactive way to inspire people to volunteer/donate through kiosks

Advertising & Branding

Organizations can generate revenue advertising and branding with Kiosks


And of course, Non-profits can sell through Kiosks

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