Accelerate Industry 4.0. The first Plug&Play Industrial Equipment Connectivity Solution.

Founded in 1983, Advantech is a leader in providing trusted, industrial-grade products, services, and solutions. Together with Alleantia, we developed a Plug&Play Solution that simplifies Industrial Equipment connectivity, that helps in developing a comprehensive Industry 4.0 transformation.

This Solution-Ready Package (SRP) offers zero-code integration and connection of Industrial Machinery with a wide range of certified IoT Apps for different vertical markets, from CNC machinery to Food & Beverage and from Transportation to IT System Integrators.


First Industry 4.0 Plug&Play Solution with Advantech

Michael Wernaert - Advantech eIoT Sales Manager Benelux
Michael Wernaert - Advantech eIoT Sales Manager Benelux

One of the greatest challenges posed by the IoT world lies in the ability to extract, analyze, filter and aggregate data, in a "plug & play" mode, to transform them into high added value information by facilitating the integration of corporate decision-making processes, with the aim to achieve more efficient and punctual management of production and business.
Protocol conversion is a critical first step in solving multi-vendor and legacy equipment challenges. A protocol converter is a device employed to achieve interoperability by converting one standard or proprietary protocol used by a device to another protocol suitable for another device.

Advantech’s Equipment Protocol Conversion solution (EIS-D210A) is pre-integrated with Alleantia software to enable multi-vendor equipment interoperability whilst improving process visibility and push control to the edge. Alleantia makes it easy to implement comprehensive supervision and control systems for plants, devices, machines, and sensors. It is also expandable without programming, with its native web architecture and extensive integration capabilities with external applications. Alleantia, thanks to the proprietary I4.0 "Plug & Play" technology and the Library of Things, with more than 5,000 drivers ready to use, simplifies and speeds up the interconnection projects of industrial devices.

The "connected by Alleantia" technology today stands as the simplest, most intuitive and powerful plug & play solution for realizing the so-called Industry 4.0, being able to fully satisfy the growing demand for increasingly rapid and effective deployment of industrial IoT projects.
The Alleantia offer consists of a multi-platform software, available for Windows and Linux, capable of simply connecting “Plug & Play”, easily and in a few minutes and without programming, any industrial device (machine tools, robots, PLC or simple sensors) to computer world, or the so-called IoT Apps.

The exclusivity of the Industrial IoT Alleantia solution is based on its Xpango technology which, with a Library of Things with more than 5,000 drivers and its Digital Twin IIoT Apps with ready-to-use interfaces, allows you to quickly connect machines and devices industrial (CNC, PLC, robots, inverters, sensors, energy meters, etc.) and to collect telemetry data, operating parameters and alarms, to transfer them to IT applications (on-premise and in-cloud), operating in bidi-directional mode.

With Alleantia, Advantech has created a Solution Ready Package (SRP) based on several industrial grade gateways like the UTX-3117 and the ARK-1124 fanless embedded PC with the IoT WISE-PaaS / EdgeSense and with Alleantia's ISC software, the SRP enables protocol interoperability between machines and multi-vendor devices, making immediate implementation of remote supervision systems and operation management for plants, devices, machines and sensors.

Advantech, since 36 years the reference brand in the industrial PC and embedded computing, has chosen to enable the creation of a partner ecosystem and a complete industrial IoT value chain: in line with this strategy, Advantech has launched the WISE-PaaS platform in 2014 and developed the connection with all IoT layers, integrating sensors, edge computing, communications, PaaS platforms, Solution Ready Platform (SRP) and enabling the integration of cloud services.

In Advantech's vision, the key to success is the co-creation, collaboration and integration between the supplier of the technological platform and experts in the reference markets, for the creation of SRP, integrated hardware and software solutions that enable a powerful combination of OT and IT for the collection, management and optimized data analysis.

Thanks to the solutions developed by Advantech and Alleantia, application developers, system integrators, machine and plant builders and industrial components will be able to easily implement new projects for digital transformation involving products, processes and new services in a 4.0 key, quickly and at low cost.

The integration of Alleantia's technology and Advantech's embedded platforms represents a high-performance and easy implementable solution for the digital transformation of even the most complex industrial processes.

For example, in production plants, the most frequent cases of data acquisition concern: machine tools, processing plants, integrated production lines.

Among the main advantages: solution adaptable to the different applications to be integrated (management, MES, supervision); portfolio of pre-integrated applications for customers without adequate management applications; expandable solution: more data, more value for the customer; quick training curve for full mastery of the solution; also solutions suitable for SMBs.

Alleantia is a Software Company, established in 2011, internationally known for its cutting-edge proposals applied to the Industrial Internet of Things, in particular to Industry 4.0.

The “Connected by Alleantia” software solutions, installed in the IoT Edge gateways of leading manufacturers, integrate every type of machine, production plant, instrumental transport equipment and industrial automation device with the web, business systems and new IoT applications with "Ready to use" interfaces. The availability of IoT data, released by Alleantia, enables the creation of new value, new business models and new professional skills, allowing each company to create its own "IIoT plug & play".

"The Alleantia Solution Ready Package seamlessly fits the Advantech corporate strategy where we want to move from selling pure industrial grade hardware for different vertical industries to selling solutions. Selling solutions means we need to extend our offering to offer the business application on top of the hardware as well as enable the digital transformation by offering the platform. SRP’s like these fit a certain vertical market and solve a specific issue. Our domain focused system integrators (DFSI) bring these SRP's to the market. DFSI’s can do the customization, installation, after sales service, as well as create new business models. Next step is to find additional DFSI to get a greater coverage of vertical markets”.    

Michael Wernaert – Sales Manager Advantech Benelux

Easy Connection with Any Machine
  • More than 5000 machine drivers
  • Photovoltaic, Power Inverters, Power Meters
  • PLCs, CNCs, I/O Modules, LV/MV breaker
Powerful Edge Server
  • Intel Quad Core
  • 64GB SSD
  • Up to 8GB RAM
True Plug & Play
  • Zero Code Integration
  • From WISE-PaaS to cloud in only 2 minutes
  • Plug & Play Connection of Industrial Machinery Equipment & devices

Your Digital Transformation Toolbox

Advantech is working with business partners to Co-Create business ecosystems that accelerate the goal of Industrial Intelligence. Together with Alleantia, Advantech now offers a unique solution-ready package (SRP), leveraging Alleantia’s software and Advantech’s 30-year experience in Industrial Hardware, enabling multi-vendor equipment connectivity and interoperability.

The SRP is a “Digital Transformation Toolbox” applicable to many vertical markets, from machine builders, to end-users, and IT system integrators. Get in touch today or visit our Online Store to buy it


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