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Semiconductor manufacturing is characterized by complex process flows made up of many individual steps. From wafer fabrication and sorting, to assembly, testing, and shipment, many of these process steps have very close tolerances. Each step affects the proceeding steps and each parameter is derived from the results of many different inputs.

Advantech’s offerings satisfy the needs of the semiconductor industry, alleviating pain points through quality assurance, integration service, certification service, and global support. To meet the diverse needs of different markets, Advantech provides a full range of solutions, including: front-end high performance solutions, high-speed data acquisition solutions, ruggedized platforms, and equipment connectivity solutions. Advantech offers a complete certification service, including CE/FCC, UL/CB, CCC and KC, to ensure easy maintenance and installation for equipment builders.


Quality Assurance

- Maintain production quality
- Control production efficiency
- Long life-cycle reduces switching costs


Integration Service

- Advise on one-stop shopping in order to maximize supply chain management and manufacturing efficiency
- Provides assistance with low volume and customized production
- Software integration for connected equipment solutions


Certification Service

- Full range of product offerings with CE/FCC, UL/CB, CCC and KC provide easy maintenance and installation for equipment builders


Global Service

- Widespread Advantech branches to provide boundaryless customer service and support
- Global FAE and RMA service to customers selling equipment worldwide

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An Internet Solution for PCB Equipment
Urgent and customized orders are recurring trends in the PCB industry. To shorten production times, it is necessary for production lines to be highly flexible while still satisfying customer quality control requirements.
High-Speed Adhesive Dispenser Solution
In manual electronics manufacturing processes that require the application of adhesives, it generally takes double the effort to complete in comparison to when automated dispensers are used. When traditional adhesive dispensers are used, the process involves using contact-type dispensers to apply adhesives to such surfaces as electronic components and LED packaging.
IC Test Handler Machine Automation Solution
High-end testing and sorting machines in the semiconductor IC packaging sector, such as BGA, QFN, and QFP, have long been monopolized by foreign companies. This customer intended to embrace domestic production of such equipment to reduce order costs, fill the vacuum in the domestic market, and, eventually, advance into the competitive international marketplace.
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