A competitive advantage for Retail and Hospitality: Smart Parking

In a highly competitive environment, Retail and Hospitality are looking for brand-differentiating opportunities to attract customers

Smart Parking Solutions are an effective way to improve the guest experience, heighten brand image and awareness and gain powerful data to measure and maximize efficiency

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Electric vehicles charging stations, plate recognition, video-surveillance, check-in & out, car park finding, analytics and parking systems providers

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Learn crucial Smart Parking Technologies and Providers for Retail and Hospitality

How Smart Parking Solutions can serve Retail and Hospitality Business

5 Ways Smart Parking matters to Retail and Hospitality

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See 5 ways Smart Parking (applications) matters to Retail and Hospitality

Which Fanless Embedded Box PC you need? Small or Rich I/O?


Intel Atom Dual Core E3825 based SoC Fanless Box PC with Mini-PCIe & GPIO


Intel® Atom E3825 SoC with Dual GbE and Dual COM


Intel® Celeron Quad Core J1900 SoC with Dual HDMI and Dual GbE


Intel® Atom™ Dual Core D2550 with 3 GbE, 6 COM & Wide Range Power


Intel® Atom™ Dual Core N2600/D2550 with Multiple I/Os

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