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A competitive advantage for Retail and Hospitality: Smart Parking

In a highly competitive environment, Retail and Hospitality are looking for brand-differentiating opportunities to attract customers

Smart Parking Solutions are an effective way to improve the guest experience, heighten brand image and awareness and gain powerful data to measure and maximize efficiency

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How Smart Parking Solutions can serve Retail and Hospitality Business

Speeding up entry, payment and exit procedures

In Smart Parking, entry control systems can be be made up of various components and offers tailored solutions to satisfy individual customer needs:

Ticket vending machine
Ticket vending machine
Automatic cashiers
Car park entry barriers

All these components of barrier-paystation systems considerably speed up entry, payment and exit procedures

Find a parking space and find car upon return

Single Space Detection and Guidance System

By monitoring every single space in garages, Smart Parking Solutions provide a clear picture of free parking spaces available at any time and ensure that every vehicle is accurately and securely guided to its parking space

An eye on parking behaviors: improving usage, planning and maintenance

Smart Parking solutions allows to track data for example on unique vehicle visits, parking usage patterns, visit-frequency trends and more

By leveraging these data, facility managers can increase efficiency, streamline expenses and support marketing/promotional efforts

Rewarding customer loyalty and fighting against abuses

Smart Parking Systems can track who’s using retail or hospitality garages, how often and when: this enables to recognize and reward repeat visitors, for instance, with access to VIP parking areas reserved for loyal customers

On the other hand, these solutions can be also used to detect and monitor parking abuse, for exapmple, by sending automated notifications to enable quick response by security

Vehicle theft prevented

To ensure detection of vehicles, a Smart Parking System could be based on barcode or magnetic stripe technology or on car number plates recognition

Smart Parking Systems can associate car number plate, for istance, to barcode ticked issued to the vehicle driver, so thieves couldn't steal cars

5 Ways Smart Parking matters to Retail and Hospitality

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