Embedded Softwares and Operative Systems

Today's businesses are facing 3 challenges: reduce costs and inefficiencies, increase revenue, create new business models


Microsoft Solutions and Services can help you to build smarter operations, drive product innovation, enable new business opportunities, transform customer experiences, gain better insights. By bringing to market innovative technologies based on the platforms that you currently use, Microsoft provides you solutions and services for productivity, analytics, infrastructure and cloud


With 30+ Years of experience in Embedded Platforms and as Microsoft Global IoT Valued Partner, Advantech brings you the technology you need, everywhere. By providing you value-added services like solution seminars, hands-on training, software APIs and many more, we are much more than just a license distributor


Choose Advantech as your trusted technology partner and start leverage our capability to develop professional embedded solutions to streamline your business

Case Studies

Seamless Connected Manufacture

An iFactory is virtually a combination of new ways of Data Acquisition, Transmission, Human Machine Interface and Cloud Intelligence



Enabling Smart Retail Business

Cloud-based Data Analytics to provide insights and intelligence for Retailers to reshape and upgrade Business Models




Powerful IoT Connectivity Enables Intelligent Buildings

IoT technology is elevating traditional buildings to real intelligence, increasing our comfort and giving more consideration to environmental friendliness



Purchasing Process

Get the OEM Customer License Agreement (CLA)

The OEM Customer License Agreement (CLA) defines terms and conditions associated with Microsoft Embedded Softwares.  Get your CLA through Advantech: it's free and we take care of the process for you

Windows Embedded Operative System

Designed to run on Embedded Systems like POS, Kiosk, Digital Signage, Automotive Computers, Automation Devices, Handheld

1. Evaluation

  • Embedded OEM Customer (OEM) contacts ADVANTECH, Microsoft Authorized Embedded Distributor

  • OEM obtains evaluation software or purchases a full version toolkit, if needed, from ADVANTECH

2.Sign CLA

  • OEM Customer signs OEM Customer License Agreement - Standard general terms and conditions to be signed to acquire Microsoft Embedded licensed products - electronically

3.Development and Testing

  • ADVANTECH provides the OPK (OEM Preinstallation Kits) for installation for

    • POSReady

    • Professional for Embedded System (FES)

  • OEM completes development of the master embedded image for

    • Windows Embedded Standard (WES)

    • Windows Embedded Compact (CE)

4.Order License

  • OEM contacts ADVANTECH to order Runtime Licenses and Associated Product Materials (APM)

  • Key is located on the COA (Certificate of Authenticity - the serialized label, affixed to devices containing Embedded Microsoft operating systems) or on a flyer that comes with the COAs for

    • FES

    • Server

  • Customer applies for product key from Microsoft on first order for 

    • WES

    • POSReady

    • CE

5. Distribution

Customer manufactures and distributes embedded systems with a Certificate of Authenticity and End User License Agreement as specified in the CLA

Microsoft Azure

IaaS and PaaS Solution for all your IoT applications

1. Join Advantech CSP

  • Embedded OEM Customer (OEM) contacts ADVANTECH, Microsoft Authorized Embedded Distributor

  • OEM obtains evaluation software or purchases a full version toolkit, if needed, from ADVANTECH

2.Get account ID & Password

  • Admin user account: admin@XXXX.onmicrosoft.com

  • Password: W]o9APcE Random, Only for first login

3.Go to Azure Portal

Windows Embedded Softwares

Windows 10 IoT

For a wide range of intelligent devices, from small Industrial Gateways to larger, more complex devices like Point of Sales terminals and ATMs


Designed to seamlessly connect Point-of-Service solutions with Peripherals, Servers, and Services

Windows for Embedded Systems (FES)

For dedicated embedded devices that require custom interfaces and fully functioning Windows desktop.

Windows Embedded CE (Compact)

Create Devices with an immersive user interface, a rich browsing experience and a unique connection to Windows PCs, Servers and Services by using familiar tools such as Visual Studio

Windows Embedded Standard

Enable advanced enterprise devices to run thousands of existing Windows applications and drivers, selecting just the Drivers, Services and Applications you need

Windows Embedded Server

Built-in Security, Reliability and Availability features for purpose-built Embedded Hardwares and Application Softwares

SQL Server

For Embedded Solutions consisting of purpose-built hardware running the Windows Embedded Server Operating System and Application Software

Download Advantech "IoT Software Distribution and Services" brochure


Windows Embedded products

Microsoft Azure

Do you need to preliminary discuss technical aspects of your project?

Just ask: Advantech European Product Sales Manager for Microsoft Solutions, Alexander Fritsch, will be glad to help you

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