WISE Wireless IoT Sensing Devices

Intelligent sensing devices for IoT big data applications

WISE Wireless IoT Sensing Devices

Intelligent sensing devices for IoT big data applications

WISE Jump Start to IoT Solution…

As wireless applications become a preferred solution, Advantech has introduced a variety of wireless sensing devices to the market and has kept leading IoT sensing technology.

With Wi-Fi-based Ethernet and RESTful API and HTML5 technology, WISE series enable users to retrieve data, configure modules and troubleshot via mobile devices. By utilizing Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN) and Cellular technology, WISE series could be an ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor energy and environment monitoring applications. And, WISE series also focus on short distance wireless communication Bluetooth and RFID to fulfill location-based services.


Moreover, by offering various cloud platforms connectivity and MQTT protocol support, WISE IoT sensing devices can facilitate and simplify big data acquisition applications in IoT era.

WISE IoT Sensing Devices


Wireless I/O Module

• WISE-4051

• WISE-4012

• WISE-4050

• WISE-4060


Wireless Sensor Node

• WISE-4220

• WISE-4470

• WISE-4610


RFID Gateway

• WISE-2830


Real-Time Location System

• WISE-2200

• WISE-2400

3-Minutes Make You “WISE

WISE Wireless IoT Solution


First Step to Industry4.0 - Machine Status Monitoring

Industrial technology means that productivity is no longer the only goal of manufacturing. Now “speedy response ", "flexible scheduling" and "customized production" are the key factors. Real-time device monitoring and production information is realized through Advantech’s economical and convenient solutions, thereby enhancing plant efficiency and market competitiveness.

WISE IoT Technology

Realizing Wireless Connectivity with Advanced Technology

As the development of information and automation technology, wireless solutions have become one of the most common ways to provide IoT services. Advantech's WISE (Wireless IoT Sensing Embedded) series are designed as sensing devices which use a wireless interface under the IoT framework and integrate data from field to cloud.

• IoT Protocol

• Wireless Communication

• Cloud

• Mobile

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