Advantech’s WISE wireless sensor node (WSN) series leverages Wi-Fi, Cellular, and low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) technology to provide sensor-integrated nodes, IP65-rated nodes, and solar-rechargeable nodes. These WSNs are equipped with data collection, wireless transmission, and power supply features aimed at industrial and outdoor applications. Moreover, to ensure simple and cost-effective vertical IoT applications, Advantech’s WISE-WSN series products offer high connectivity for diverse cloud platforms.


Modularized I/O, Communications,
and Sensors


Designed for Harsh/Outdoor Environments


Supports the MQTT and RESTful
IoT Protocols

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WISE Wireless Sensor Node Key Features


Wireless IoT Architecture

Wireless Ethernet is the simplest interface for IoT applications. It can be easily integrated with existing data or web servers. WISE-4220 supports Wi-Fi for organizing wireless networks with access points that can be extended to wide-area networks by a cellular router. What's more, WISE-4470 and WISE-4670 directly support cellular interface for distributed data acquisition. With MQTT and RESTful web service, WISE-4000 series is able to connect to a cloud service without the need for an individual IP address.

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Wireless Sensor Node


Wireless Sensor Node
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Product Offering


WISE-4220 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Series

Industrial IoT Wireless Sensor Node

  • Design for equipment and environment monitoring
  • Vertical sensor or I/O integrated
  • RESTful API and MQTT for IoT
  • Data logger and cloud storage
  • HTML5 web interface
  • WISE-4220-S231

    Wireless IoT WSN with Temperature/Humidity Sensors

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  • WISE-4220-S215

    Wireless IoT WSN with 4-ch RTD or Digital Input

    Learn More
  • WISE-4220-S217

    Wireless IoT WSN with 8-ch Analog Input

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WISE-4470 Cellular Series

IP65 IoT Wireless Sensor Node

  • Design for waterproof application
  • USB configuration port
  • IP65 with M12 connectors
  • Data logger and cloud storage
  • Internal antenna design
  • Text massage control
  • RESTful API and MQTT for IoT
  • WISE-4470-S250

    3G WSN with 1-port RS-485 and DIO

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  • WISE-4470-S412

    IP65 3G WSN with 4-ch Analog Input

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  • WISE-4470-S472

    IP65 3G WSN with 2 Serial Port

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WISE-4610 LoRa Series

Outdoor IoT Wireless Sensor Node

  • Design for outdoor wide area
  • RESTful API and MQTT for IoT
  • IP65 with M12 connectors
  • USB configuration port
  • Solar panel rechargeable battery
  • Data logger and cloud storage
  • Optional GPS locating
  • WISE-4610-S672

    LoRa WSN with 2 Serial Port

    Learn More
  • WISE-4610-S614

    LoRa WSN with 4-ch Analog Input

    Learn More
  • WISE-3610

    Wireless IoT LoRa Network Gateway

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