Zero-halt Cranes & Hoist System


Fully Configurable Rugged VMT


  • Rugged design ensures long lifecycle and increased uptime
  • 5M3 Certification for Shock & Vibration
  • Various screen sizes and key layouts for easier viewing and keyed input, even with gloved hands

Vehicle-Mounted Terminal with Integrated Keyboard


  • Intel® Atom™ E3826 dual-core, 1.46 GHz, processor
  • 8" widescreen color TFT display with high brightness (750 nits)
  • Rugged, IP65-rated design with 5M3 certification and integrated keyboard
  •  LTE, GPS, Wi-Fi®, and Bluetooth® capabilities
  • Integrated uninterruptible power supply (supports up to 15 minutes operation)
  • Wide operating temperature range (-30 ~ 50 °C/-22 ~ 122 °F) with support for cold storage applications

"Advantech products are rugged and stable; ideal for port settings. They can perform reliably even in harsh environments with serious vibration."                       - General Manager, Pacific Star Technologies Corporation.

One of the biggest harbors in Taiwan had previously used a handheld radio system in their container yards. Each crane operator would receive their instructions through these handheld radios and then had to manually write down the appropriate information for each container to be handled. Due to the error-prone nature of manual systems, users of the system had little confidence in the accuracy of the data that was retrieved from the backend system.

If you enter the harbor today, you'll find all the cranes are very busy and constantly moving. The difference now is that the harbor implemented the Advantech DLoG DLT-V8310 vehicle mount terminals in all of the cranes in the harbor. Now, at any given time, operators in the office can track the location of each crane and its loading schedule to help adjust asset and task allocation. Crane drivers can now be immediately notified of changes in cargo information from the ships. With the real-time transfer of data from the DLT-V8310 to the backend system, managers can easily obtain analytics and reports of activities and movements in the yard...which significantly improves the integrity of the data and positively affects the whole operation.

As in any supply chain or logistics environment, precision, accuracy and data integrity are key to the success and usability of the system. Let Advantech DLoG help you meet these goals!

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