Zero-mistake Cargo Inspection


10" Fully Rugged Tablet


  • Portable ruggedized tablet for accessing and retrieving data from terminal operating system
  • Ensures data integrity and hgh user acceptance

With the increase in international commerce and global logistics, harbors are becoming distribution centers where tens of thousands of containers and people interact every day. The challenge of increasing the speed and accuracy of cargo inspection and enhancing the security at port terminals are the problems that keep most harbor managers up at night.

In the past, harbor personnel were having to hand-write important information such as container numbers as well as record any information related to container damage. In addition to being slow and labor intensive, this manual recording of information often led to translation and transposition errors when the information was eventually entered into the terminal operating system.

The solution for enhancing the accuracy of the data as well as the providing real-time updates to the terminal operating system was through the use of ruggedized tablets in and around the harbor. The Advantech PWS-870 ruggedized tablet can be used in harsh environments and enables workers to check the status of containers in real time through the use of the wireless capabilities of the ruggedized tablet. The IP65 certified tablet allows harbor security inspection and customs personnel to quickly and accurately input data and receive information from the backend system, helping to insure that the appropriate container and loading inspections are performed in a timely manner. This helps reduce the costs associated with inaccurate data and the time and effort needed to correct it. The lightweight tablet has a 10” display for exceptional viewing of information presented to the harbor personnel and the built-in cameras provide visual verification of any inspection issues or container abnormalities.

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