Zero-redundancy Gate Solution


Premium Computing Box for Intelligent Video Analysis


  • 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor
  • Embedded Stretch S7 video encoder supports up to 16 analog video inputs
    and 8 audio inputs
  • Dual external HDD/SSD tray with key-lock protection
  • Built-in, GNSS, WLAN, Bluetooth, LTE(dual SIM cards)modules

A large number of trucks are waiting impatiently for vehicle inspections during rush hours at a port gate. Sounds familiar? Till these days, many ports remain manually verifying each truck’s identification and vehicle plate. However, even if this workflow is very rigorous, the whole process could be extremely time-consuming.

Todays, many customs in harbors have introduced Automated Identification System which realized a fast and effective management at port gates via multiple cameras installed on both outside and inside of entrance which automatically identify vehicle plate, chassis number and container number. The system also support RFID technology to ensure each vehicle has been registered and approved with a specific RFID tag.

To make E-Gate Solution possible, Advantech provides fully rugged computing system with compact size, low power consumption and specifies in rich I/O. The system has capacity of enduring extreme environment at ports meanwhile maintaining its high performance to all kinds of data collection and computation. The solution has greatly helped harbors reduce human errors, speed up vehicle inspection process, improve the efficiency and strengthen security at the entrance of a terminal, thereby, ensure that all the trucks circulate smoothly, efficiently and waits no more!

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