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As a wireless module vendor, Advantech offers a full-range of wireless module solutions and design-in services such as cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LPWAN technologies for integration into your devices, to realize your future in the IoT world.

Embedded IoT Wireless Modules Solutions

  • Wide-range product offerings with premium quality and longevity

  • Wireless module integration services for rapid application deployment

  • Lab documentation and programming tools for global certification

  • Software services for bus interface / CPU / OS differentiation

At A Glance

Advantech Embedded IoT Wireless Module products range from short range and high throughput series, to smart mobility and industrial grade series to fulfill various application fields. To simplify wireless connection on IoT platforms, Advantech leverages its design-in expertise and experiences to provide wireless design-in service and wireless software packages.

Value-added Wireless Software Package

  • Software AP

  • Wi-Fi Fast Roaming

  • CCX
    Wireless Security

  • IoT Connection

Design-in Services

  • Wireless
    Software Integration

  • Optimal
    Antenna Design

  • RF Certification

  • Wireless System
    Performance Tuning

Embedded IoT Wireless Modules

  • Short Range Series

    Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • High Throughput Series

    4G LTE, Wi-Fi 6
  • Smart Mobility Series

    3G/ 4G LTE CAT1,
  • Industrial Grade Series

    Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G LTE,

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to choose a suitable wireless module from our wireless module selection
  • What is antenna good design and RF integration?
  • Things you need to be aware of for European and North American compliance

Embedded IoT Wireless Module Offerings

Short Range Series
Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth Modules
Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth Modules
  • 802.11ac/a/b/g/n modules from single to dual band Wi-Fi with Mini-PCIe or M.2 form factor.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 exchanges data from fixed and mobile devices, creating Personal Area Networks (PAN) with high levels of security.
High Throughput Series
4G LTE Modules
Wi-Fi 6 Modules
4G LTE Modules

Industry-leading RF specification and features such as Mini-PCIe and M.2 3042 key-B LTE CAT4/CAT6/CAT9, to empower the newest wireless high-data throughput solutions.

Wi-Fi 6 Modules

Wi-Fi 6, based on the IEEE 802.11ax standard, enables next generation Wi-Fi connectivity providing the capacity, coverage, and performance required by massive user applications.

Smart Mobility Series
3G/ 4G LTE CAT 1 Modules
GPS Modules
3G/ 4G LTE CAT 1 Modules

For mobility application and transportation; RF specification and features such as 3G/4G LTE CAT1 solutions are suitable to fulfill the outdoor position and tracking requirement.

GPS Modules

Advantech provides diverse GPS module types including A-GPS, GLOSNASS, Beidou, QZSS, and Galileo for a variety of applications.

Industrial Grade Series
Wide Temperature Modules
Coating Modules
Wide Temperature Modules

We have a full range of different form factor wide temperature wireless module solutions such as Mini-PCIe and M.2 Wi-Fi/3G/GPS/4G LTE module solutions, to empower the industry and military grade applications.

Coating Modules

For industry and military grade applications, conformal coatings protect wireless module components from exposure to moisture, salt, chemicals, and temperature changes, which helps prevent boards from corroding.

Wide Temperature Modules Highlights

  • EWM-W195M201E

    M.2 2230 Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth

  • EWM-W190H

    Half Size Mini PCI-e Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth

  • EWM-NB147F01E

    Full Size Mini PCI-e NB-IoT

  • EWM-C117FL

    Full Size Mini PCI-e 4G LTE CAT4

  • EWM-G108H01E

    Half Size Mini PCI-e GPS

Wireless Design-in Sevices

  • Optimal Antenna Design
    • Optimal antenna selection
    • Antenna performance tuning for embedded system
  • RF Certification
    • RF features conductive measurement
    • RF certification document/ tool/ technical support
  • Wireless Software Integration
    • Wireless driver for multi OS
    • 3G/4G connection management tool
  • Wireless System Performance Tuning
    • Wireless connection throughput tuning
    • Wireless system interoperability test

Case Studies

  • Worldwide Certified Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth Combo Solutions for Ultrasound Application

  • Wide Temperature Mobile Wireless Solutions for Citybike service station Application

  • Worldwide Certified Wireless Solutions for smart factory Application

  • Embedded Platform Wireless Solution for Smart Lighting Application

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