IoT Platforms with Secure Remote Access

with Advantech and Secomea

Secure your company's competitive advantage in the industry

Every Machine builder needs capability to access to their machines in the field:

  • Maintenance purpose/Trouble shooting (bug correction program/security patches)
  • Connect to different appliances in a single machine

Doing this remotely would bring:

  • Operational cost reduction
  • Save time and travel costs for engineers
  • 24/7 remote access with the highest level of security to production sites.
  • Prevention of interruptions and unplanned downtime.
  • No IT knowledge required to set up
  • Transparent programming and diagnostics access to any PLC, HMI etc.
  • Mobile/tablet access to machine interface
  • Security certified ref. IEC 62443 / NIST / BSI
  • Industry 4.0 compliant differential user access management
  • Cloud or private M2M server compliant with „total privacy” policies
  • Consolidation of all existing remote access solutions into one
  • Simple provisioning by using the same configuration for all machines
  • Multiple access methods via Ethernet, WiFi and cellular 3G/4G
  • Data logging access for preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Facilitates IoT Big data cloud storage connections
  • Extend SCADA system securely over the Internet



Why Secure Communication

More and more automation is IPC based

  • More flexible
  • Need to have maintenance

Customer with OT (Operational Technology) background does not have focus on IT (Information Technology)

  • Remote connection is a difficult point
  • Customer can mantain full control of their installations and security without the need of specific IT skills
  • No IT skills required – Easy for customers to use.

Customers need 1st class support

  • Enable remote connectivity services for end customers

Why Secomea

Known in the industry for high-quality Remote Access

  • IoT is a matter of Eco-system
  • Best in class partnership

Company providing cyberscurity assessment

  • Used by Machine Builders and Factory Owners globally.
  • A world leader in IoT Remote Access.
  • Providing the highest level of security while maintaining scalability and ease of use.

No requirement about the connectivity

  • No pubblic IPs are needed
  • No User VPNs creation is needed

Why Secomea and Advantech

One-stop solution

Solution Ready Package when systems are dispatched from Advantech or their Channel Partners

Advantech is offering

  • System configured as desired by the customer
  • Secomea software solution already integrated in the OS image
  • Secomea license enabled and running
  • No need for additional components or integration


Webinar made by Advantech

Advantech and Secomea, together to enable
reliable Industry 4.0 platforms

Webinar made by Secomea

Advantech IoT Gateways, powered by the Secomea
Remote Access solution


Advantech and Secomea at SPS 2019

Secomea is a world leader in IIoT Secure Remote Maintenance solutions, used globally by large corporates and sold through distributors and OEMs worldwide. Together with Advantech they have formed a partnership to offer a remote and secure connecting platform to the market.

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