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In-vehicle computer real-time transmits information of goods during operation in the yard which realizes goods traceability and enables 24/7 monitoring mechanism.





VMT on forklift and handheld devices ensure precise order picking, update the inventory in real time and manage original parts with high flexibility.


Rugged and reliable VMT enables every tugger train delivers parts and components to the production line right on time and in orderly sequence.





Tough and highly durable touch screen allows a factory to prioritize their work tasks on the computer, highlights important information on the screen.


Industrial tablet PC provides a touch-sensitive digital method for on-site inspection to process and transmit data seamlessly; ensures product quality with high efficiency.

Automotive industry is not only one of the world's most important economic sectors by revenue, it also takes up a leading role in terms of quality expectations.

That is why industrial computing plays a major role throughout entire automotive supply chain.

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Vehicle Mount Terminal

DLT-V83 front

DLT-V83 Vehicle Mount Terminal

Fully Configurable VMT Series

  ●    Goods receiving
  ●    Truck control and clearance
  ●    Material handling
  ●    Inventory management
  ●    Warehouse picking and putaway

X86-based Vehicle Mount Terminal
Vehicle-Mounted Terminal with Integrated Keyboard
Detachable, Rugged, X86-Based Vehicle-Mounted Terminal
All-in-one Mobile Data Terminal
Industrial Tablet PC - PWS 872
Industrial Tablet PC - PWS 870
Industrial Tablet PC - AIM 65
Ubiquitous Touch Computer
Handheld Terminal

Successful Case Study

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Completely Knocked Down: The CKD Principle


Instead of shipping whole cars to overseas markets, automotive manufacturers prefer to ship vehicle components to be assembled on-site in local manufacturing plants. The reason: Import duties for “completely knocked down” (CKD) products are often considerably lower than for finished end products, and the components occupy less freight volume, reducing the freight costs as well.

Some parts and components are produced at company-owned production facilities, while others are supplied by international sub-contractors. Ensuring that this enormous variety of car components supplied by various sources in different countries is delivered to the production plant bang on time is a logistic tour de force. This calls for well-engineered mobile computing solutions.

All German car manufacturers use Advantech-DLoG forklift terminals, for instance for production logistics processes, in-house transport, scanning transport goods, and purchase order processing.

Fully Rugged VMT Helps You Automate

Advantech D-LoG Vehicle Mount Terminals (VMTs) bring advanced computing to extreme environments, coping with dust, shock, vibration, humidity, impact, physical abuse, and extreme temperatures. From mechanical engineering to radio antenna design, from rugged to extreme, Advantech-DloG's portfolio of VMTs offers the best-of-breed, in-vehicle computing solutions.


Digital Logistics Solution from Harbor Management to Automotive Manufacturing

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