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Electronic Design

Mechanical Design
Industrial Design
Software Design
System Design

Design & Manufacturing Quality

Playing a critical role in Advantech’s closed quality assurance mechanism, design quality is approached with continuous improvement aiming to achieve customer satisfaction.



-40 ~ 85°C


HALT Testing

Highly Accelerated Life Test


IP Rating

Ingress protection from water / moisture


Global Regulation


S/W Testing & Compatibility


H/W Compatibility


Wave Form Measurement


Environmental Testing

Drop / Vibration


Functional Testing


Third-Party Lab

EMC / RoHS / Safety / Reliability


Application-Specific Testing

Medical / Automation / Shipping / Transport


Globally Certified Lab

Power / EMC / network / Reliability

Certified Quality System in Manufacturing

Manufacturing in Advantech follows a 3C methodology, including customer orientation, cluster organization, and cross function synergy to ensure the best manufacturing process and quality, and maximize the congregated capability. We consider quality manufacturing a non-stop progress, and use system control to sync with different function teams to enhance production efficiency and quality by optimizing production and ensuring product traceability.

Material Control System

Material Traceability

Shop-Floor Information System

Manufacture Traceability

Production Schedule System

Level Capacity

Quality & Green Policy

All facilities in Advantech are at least ISO9001 and 14001 certified while others hold additional certifications for specific vertical applications.

Aiming to build a sustainable industry, Advantech practices its green policy in 3 main areas:

  • Green Design & Manufacturing

  • Green Product Management

  • Green Supplier Management

Local Services in Europe

Find your project and design team nearby

Get project and design support for your customization-project from our local-design centers and project teams. Advantech’s broad standard product portfolio is a perfect starting point for customized designs. Since customer proximity is essential for successful cooperation DMS projects are run locally in Europe by more than 20 dedicated project managers who will accompany these from start to finish. Same time zone, same language, same culture.


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Vertical Solutions


Medical DMS Solutions

Targeting next-generation medical and healthcare applications, Medical Equipment DMS provides advanced technology and integration design.

Learn More.

AIoT DMS Solutions
Automation DMS Solutions
Tablet DMS Solutions
Transportation DMS Solutions


Early access to collaborative partnerships for prompt and innovative implementation.




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