Key Elements of Mining Operation

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Smart Fleet Improve Safety in Mine Operation

Mine environments are different from regular roads, so fleets moving in a mine will encounter more hazardous situations. Fleet management systems can help us monitor all relevant data and warn us of abnormal conditions to increase the security of operations and decrease property losses.

An open-pit mine in Ghana in South Africa uses a mine fleet management system that Advantech and Micromine co-developed in 2012. The system has been installed on about 40 loaders and trucks totally.


Soft/Hardware Integration for Instant Command & Platform Stability

Advantech's TREK-743 vehicle mount computer and Micromine's Pitram software system and MESH Network's wireless transmission constitute a complete mine fleet real-time dispatching management system. Advantech adds different modules via the integration function of Advantech's vehicle mount computer according to the requirements of customers, such as anti-collitsion system, oil-level monitoring system, weighing system and tire management system.

With Advantech's vehicle mount computers, all the data will be transmitted to back end management system instantly. Task dispatching and commands can be immediately transmitted to, and shown on the screens for  drivers to execute


"Over the past 20 years, we tried to introduce mine fleet management systems from various hardware suppliers without much success. However, we decided to completely use Advantech's products finally because Advantech's vehicle terminal has better price / performance ratio, stability and lower maintenance cost."                                                    --- Project Manager, Micromine

TREK-773 Mature Third-Generation Mobile Data Terminal (MDT)

Hightlight Product

TREK- 773

7" All-in-One Mobile Data Terminal

  • Intel® Atom™ E3826 SOC
  • Supports WES8 and Fedora 18 Remix
  • 7" WVGA wide-angle LCD resistive touchscreen
  • Vehicle diagnostics interface with CAN (J1939, OBD-II/ISO 15765) and J1708 (J1587) protocols
  • Built-in GNSS, WLAN, Bluetooth, NFC, and LTE WWAN modules
  • Supports ignition on/off/delay functions, wake-up event control, and system health monitoring and diagnostics
  • Wide working temperature range (-30°C ~ 60°C), supports 12/24V vehicle power (ISO 7637-2), and certified for shock and vibration tolerance (MIL-STD-810G and 5M3)

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