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The new XDH35 HALO Series of LED surround monitors from Advantech provides Touch, Non-Touch and Curved Display Solutions for the gaming and digital signage markets. The LED surround can add flexibility, and better use to the gaming floor allowing for a seamless transition between displays. A variety of effects can be achieved from chaser and blinking through to solid styles, which provide a more engaged and visual experience for the end user. These styles can also be used to help attract attention or provide an instantly recognizable signal system (traffic light) for meeting rooms, or Abnormal Situation Management systems on Industrial HMI.

Product Portfolio

Advantech Industrial displays flex series
advantech industrial displays edge proflat, Bill, Tziakos

Industrial LCD Kits

IDK-1000 Series
5,7" - 32" with LVDS signal Interface

IDK-2000 High-Bright Series
High-bright (1,200 cd/m2) LCD kits available from 8.4” to 21.5” in size

FLEX Series

XDF31 Series
Rear mounted Open Frame displays from 10.1” to 32” in Size.

EDGE & ProFlat Series

XDE32 EDGE Monitors
The Advantech XDE32 Series are contemporary closed frame Edge-2-Edge monitors from 10.1” to 43” in size.

IDP31 Proflat Monitors
Closed frame “bezeless” monitors capable of withstanding demanding applications, available in 15” to 21.5” sizes

Advantech xde-31
Advantech panel mount monitors
Advantech curved displays

OPEN EDGE & Classic Open Frames

Modern Open Frame display with Recessed Bezel for flush integration with another surface. Available in 15” to 21.5”

IDS-3100 Open Frame Monitor
Open Frame design for flexible integration. Available in 6.5” to 21.5”

XDS31 Standard Series Monitor
Classic Open Frame display available in size 10.1"

Panel Mount Monitors

IDS-3200 Panel Mount / Close Frame Monitors
Classic Industrial Panel mount closed monitors for robust applications. Available in 6.5” to 21.5” sizes

IDS-3300 IP65 Front Rated Panel Mount Monitors
With an IP65 rated front, these panel mount displays are suitable for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications.  Available in 15” and 19”.

Curved Multi-touch Displays

CRV Series
A highly spec series of 43” and 55” C & J Curved 4K displays, robust for high-end applications. Available in 43” & 55”

Introducing our 32” and 43” Open Frame C Curved displays and a 43” Open Frame J Curved display. 4K resolution with 10 point PCAP touch, ideal for gaming and transportation applications.

Subject to project qualification, all of our displays are available for customisiation to meet a wide variety of application specific demands.  

For futher information, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.  

MOQ and NRE costs may apply.

Digital Signage Solutions

DSD 3000 & VUE Series
A range of large FHD & 4K Digital Signage displays in conventional Widescreen format.

DSD-5000 Series
Ultra wide-stretched digital signage displays

The HALO Series of LED surround monitors from Advantech provide Touch, Non-Touch and Curved Display Solutions for the gaming and digital signage markets. Available in sizes 21.5” -43”

Customized Displays

ODM Project Designs

Subject to project qualification, all of our displays are available for customization to meet a wide variety of application specific demands.
For further information, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.
MOQ and NRE costs may apply.

Solutions & Capabilities

Advantech IDS Europe specializes in producing customized displays to meet the demanding requirements of our customers. Below are some of the services and enhancements we can offer:

Optical Bonding

  • Enhances visibility by 400%
  • Anti-moisture and anti-dust
  • Better durability with vandal resistance

Optical Bonding is a method for affixing the touch cover glass to the panel that offers a number of benefits over the traditional air gap method.  An Optically Clear Adhesive (OCA) is injected directly between the gap of the cover glass and panel, then cured to give a highly reliable bonded solution.   Optical bonding offers a number benefits including:

  • Reduced Reflections and better contrast
  • Increased hardness and enhanced durability
  • Anti-Moisture/Dust and better Temperature control

Reduced Reflection


Enhanced Durability

Reworkable Design

High Brightness

  • Enhanced sunlight readability
  • Comparative low power than market competitors (about 20% less)
  • <40°C surface LCD operating temp.

A normal 350 cd/m display usually looks washed out or becomes invisible under strong sunlight, since the ambient light is too strong (normally 10,000 nits) causing strong reflections that reduce readability of the screen. Advantech high brightness solutions can enhance LCD brightness by up to 2,000 cd/m without increasing heat issues. With our advanced LED backlight design, Advantech high brightness solutions achieve excellent power saving; about 20% less energy than competing products with the same level of brightness. Our Passive Thermal Cyclone system runs 10°C cooler than regular solutions which in return, increase lifetime and reliability in outdoor rugged environments. Thus, our solutions allow lower temperatures of less than 40°C on the display surface at start up without a fan.

Sunlight Readable

2,000 nits

Low Power Design

Microbe Resistant

Advantech industrial displays, Bill Tziakos, folder 01,

Over 80% of infections come from what we touch!
On average, a self-service kiosk such as a check-in kiosk at an airport, or quick service menu kiosk at a fast food restaurant can harbor over 250 thousand colony forming units (CFUs) on the display. A toilet seat by comparison may be harboring just 172 colony forming units!

Advantech can offer a Microbe Resistant layer, which is made from a special coating (typically Silver Ion or a Copper Chromium ION layers). When a Microbe comes into contact with the surface, the compound layer will begin to rupture the outer cell wall that protects bacteria and virus during transmission. It then attacks what remains of the core DNA until the microbe is completely destroyed. The whole process isn’t instantaneous, but it does offer significant health improvements.


24/7 Antimicrobial protection on coated surfaces

Invisible finish

Hydrophilic easy clean

Life-long durable protection


Eco friendly

Application Stories

Bike Rental Systems
  • Operation in direct sunlight
  • Fluctuating temperatures
  • Reliable and 7/24 operation
Solutions: IDS-3210
  • 1200 cd/m2 high brightness
  • Wide temperature operation of -20°C ~ 60°C
  • Slim open frame bezel architecture for flexible and customized face plates
Digital Drive-thru Menu Boards
  • Installed in a semi-outdoor environments
  • Must work 24/7
  • Must be energy efficient design
Solutions: IDS-3121W
  • Enhanced brightness from 300nits to 1200nits
  • Smart 5-level auto-brightness design
  • Lower power consumption

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