AVAS 4K Video Streaming Solution for Hospitals

Solution Features

Plug and play

Plug'n'Play Solution
Scalable and modular system decreasing maintenance costs

medical grade

Medical-Grade Protection
for superior infection control and patient safety

near zero latency

Near-Zero Latency
for excellent hand/ eye coordination and superior performance

quick video

Quick Video and Imaging
for comprehensive visual displays and recording

video quality

Surgical-Grade Image/ Video Quality
for ensuring surgical precision with uncompressed 4K UHD resolution

smart navigation

Smart Navigation Functionality
Mouse-Thru and Touch-Thru give full, intelligent control over the network

See the application of our Award winning solution at the Erasmus Hospital in Rotterdam, The Netherlands:

Application & Technology

One product, one cable

The Advantech iOR Video Streaming Solution is based on SigmaXG, which is based on an one product and one cable infrastructure. SigmaXG is an easy to use, fast and flexible switching system for Video over IP. Advantech adopted the SigmaXG NDcoder 10G to deliver a complete solution together with their medical grade panel PCs, medical displays (with integrated NDcoder) and Mobile Solutions for digital OR integration
An NDcoder is an encoder and decoder in one single product. All signals (video, audio, USB and more) are transported via 10Gb optical fiber. High quality video is switched instantaneously and is streamed with very low latencies. Video is distributed without any loss of information, because no compression is applied. The API can be used for easy integration in your applications and systems. A SigmaXG system is scalable and easy to extend; just plug in an extra NDcoder. Because the system works with standard IP it is compatible with a wide range of off-the-shelf network components.


Key Features NDcoder

    • Switches video, to any connected display instantaneously
    • Less cables (1 fiber needed per device)
    • Streams uncompressed and lossless video up to 4K
    • Near to zero latency to ensure excellent hand/eye coordination
    • Various multiview layout for up to four video streams on one display
    • Control sources remotely (MouseThru and TouchThru in Multiview)
    • Share video between operating rooms
    • Easy integration of SigmaXG with API



Procedure-Oriented Operations

Critical data is integrated and can be accessed on switchable displays to streamline operational communication and workflows.

Easy Installation

Integrated units and flexible configurations allow hospitals and system integrators to adopt solution packages easily and conveniently.

Facilitates Surgery Consultations and Education

Near-zero latency facilitates remote surgery consultations and enables medical students to watch surgical operations from a long distance.

Long Distance Applications

Surgery Demonstration


Surgery Consultation

641x428 second photo

Surgery Management


Featured Products


Medical-Grade Computers
for excellent performance while being energy efficient
For example: Our new POC-W243

surgical displays

Surgical Displays
for precise image and video display
For example: Advantech PAX


Network Equipment
for a near-zero latency video streaming network


Dashboard control PCs or tablets
for video source control and switching