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Improve efficiency and productivity while reducing
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Why Machine Vision?

Advantech’s machine vision product portfolio offers an extensive selection of hardware and software solutions to accommodate users at all levels while fulfilling a wide range of machine vision applications.
Our comprehensive machine vision hardware includes platforms and systems, frame grabber cards, and industrial / smart cameras which are all integrated with both our basic and advanced machine vision and image analysis software to achieve automated gauge, guidance, identification, and inspection capabilities. We support deep learning architecture from backend storage, and training servers, to front end edge systems and cameras to meet the increasing need for deep learning machine vision solutions that address a range of sophisticated automation challenges.


Image Acquisition


Integration and Applications



Machine Vision Solutions
in Different Industries

AI Solutions

Advantech’s deep learning machine vision solutions take a
new approach that involves image labeling and training for
inference in order to reduce complexity and increase the consistency
and exibility of defect inspection. These deep learning
machine vision solutions include an industrial training
server and an edge inference engine equipped with powerful
and scalable accelerators, Advantech Vision Suite, and Intel®
OpenVino SDK to simplify the development and deployment
of deep learning training models.

Food and Beverage

Manufacturers in high volume industries are increasing production, product quality and reducing defects/liability using the latest machine vision technology from Advantech.
Our automated visual inspection solutions verify product quality across food and beverage, pharmaceutical, automotive, semiconductor and other high volume sectors. From fixed to mobile video camera placements, we've got you covered with accurate, high speed three-dimensional analysis.

Edge Solutions

In the market of machine vision, edge solutions help express real-time data, making maintenance easier and more accurate. Edge computing solutions facilitate data processing at or near the source of data generation and serve as a decentralized extension of cloud, data centers, or campus networks.

Compliant Vision Camera Partners

  • Each camera can reach largest bandwidth 112.5 MB/s
  • BASLER camera: largest bandwidth 360 MB/s
  • Flir camera: largest bandwidth 355 MB/s