LoRa IoT Sensor Node Solutions for Smart Cities

Accelerate integration from sensors to the cloud


Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) technology is a key element to fulfill the growing Smart City demands in environment monitoring, street lighting, parking, buildings, smart metering, and fleet management.

LoRaWAN is designed for wide range, low power communications, and smart city applications benefit from wireless battery operated things and secure bi-directional communication, mobility and localization service.

Advantech’s Advantages

Advantech provides sensor nodes, gateways and cloud services to help you quickly and easily build LoRa wireless IoT solutions.

Secure LoRa connectivity from IoT devices to cloud
Embedded network server with bi-directional communication featuring QoS and 100% Acknowledge
Flexible LoRaWAN and private LoRa network to lower total cost of ownership
Worldwide certification ready radio bands

Advantech LoRa Solutions



LoRa Module & Starter Kit Package

  • WISE-1510 LPWAN LoRa IoT Node
  • WISE-DB1500 development board with built-in temperature & humidity sensor
  • WISE-ED20 debug board
  • ARM mbed OS support
  • Accessories: cables, antenna, adapter
  • Quick Start Guide to access SDK tool

LoRa IoT Gateway Starter Kit Package

  • WISE-1510 LPWAN LoRa IoT Node x 3
  • WISE-3610 LoRa IoT Gateway
  • WISE-DB1500 development board with built-in temperature & humidity sensor x 3
  • WISE-ED20 debug board x 3
  • Account for free trial WISE-PaaS
  • ARM mbed OS support
  • Web-based Configuration
  • Accessories: cables, antenna, adapter
  • Quick Start Guide to access SDK tool
  • PM2.5, Pressure and IAQ sensors inside

Value-added Offering for LoRa Integrated Solutions

Built-in mbed OS
Pre-integrated with all necessary connectivity and software components
  • Connectivity & networking
  • Built-in security
  • Portable driver by common driver APIs
Device management service to accelerate IoT device deployment
Extensive resources for developers
  • Support for different tools, and std library integration
  • Free core tools provide build, debug, testing and collaboration workflows
Open collaboration with partners and users
  • Open source CMSIS-RTOS RTX
WISE-1510 is compatible with public LoRaWAN and private LoRa networks
  • Compatibility support for public LoRaWAN networks offered by telecom service provider
  • Feasibility for private LoRa networks with WISE-3610 LoRa gateway (available in Q3) and WISE-PaaS

What is WISE-Link?
WISE-Link is a wireless solution for LPWAN application developers to securely develop private networks on their IoT devices and the cloud.
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Integrated HW and SW Solutions
  • WISE-1510 is integrated with microprocessor, transceiver and standardized I/O interface on M2.COM form factor
  • Based on mbed OS, WISE-1510 offers unified software and extensive resources for developers
  • WISE-1510’s certifications are ready to be leveraged
  • WISE-1510 can connect to cloud service via WISE-3610 LoRa gateway
  • Advantech offer support on accurate design and easy development with API and SDK doc
Focused on Your Application

Advantech concentrates on pre-integration of OS core, BSP and WSN drivers to help you to select and evaluate a solution at the beginning.

Customer can also develop their own application with RESTful APIs

M2.COM Software Development Kit


Enables a simple, consistent end-user experience for gateway and sensor node.


Pre-integrated SW in OS core, BSP and WSN drivers helps customers easily start up and develop their products.


Provides technical documentation and sample codes to speed up software development.


Securing data on the device up to the service provider.

WISE-PaaS/RMM Built-in

Remote Device Management

  • Remote monitoring and control (power on/off, KVM)
  • Devices/groups/map view device management

Data Flow Logic Editor

  • IBM Node-RED flow design tool
  • Drag and drop plug-in nodes
  • Integrated WISE-PaaS/RMM funtion nodes

Data Acquisition

  • WISE-Agent dynamic data collection module
  • Deployment plug-ins for various usage scenarios

Dashboard Builder

  • Supports widgets for Google maps, Gauge, Sparkline, Progress Bar, etc.
  • Multiple data source formats supported

IoT Applications Empowered by LoRa Solutions


Download the Latest IoT Solution Brochure

The most important element in IoT solutions is data acquisition. To help System Integrators (SI) easily and quickly build wireless IoT environments, Advantech provides scalable sensor node solutions for data acquisition. Designed with a wide range of integrated wireless network management and cloud connectivity platforms, combined with our WISE-PaaS IoT software, Advantech products provide everything from sensors to cloud-based wireless IoT solutions.

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LoRa Sensor Node Starter Kit



LoRa Gateway



LoRa Private Network Starter Kit 



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