Great Stability, Longevity and Extreme Endurance

Industrial automation applications require great stability, longevity and extreme endurance when it comes to storage and memory. Due to the high frequency of write functions for industrial automation applications, very high endurance is of the utmost importance, as is over 3 years of longevity support. Advantech offers SLC flash technology for applications that require the absolute best endurance. With Ultra MLC you can achieve 10x the endurance of standard MLC whilst having a big price benefit over SLC.

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SQF-P10 P8

  • CF Type
  • 256MB-64GB
  • 0-70°/ -40-85°C


  • mSATA
  • 16GB - 1TB
  • 0~70 °C / -40~85 °C


  • 2/4/8GB
  • 0~85 °C


  • 2/4/8/16GB
  • -20~85 °C


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Advantech provides comprehensive industrial embedded SSD solutions and industrial memory solutions with excellent compatibility, performance and security. All Advantech industrial peripheral modules use the tier 1 chips from original IC vendors and pass inhouse vibration tests, burn-in tests, and 100% screen testing to guarantee industrial-grade stability and reliability for a multitude of applications.


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Advantech provides industrial grade embedded SSD, DRAM and I/O extension module peripherals that offer proven compatibility with
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