Complete Security Solutions for Ultimate Product Reliability

To protect valuable gaming applications and data, Advantech SQFlash offers a complete security solution from a simple write protection jumper to application security IDs. We even offer the latest TCG-OPAL standard self-encrypting drives (SED), which means gaming system integrators can take gaming platform security to the next level. Moreover, with 100% production screening tests, Advantech SQFlash and SQRAM memory ensure that every product delivered to our customers will come with an ultimate quality promise and < 0.3% annual product defect rate.

What Customers Expect for Gaming Applications

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Industry leading quality|Advanced security features|Excellent longevity|Cost effective|Fixed BOM|Extended longevity

SQF-S25 830

  • 2.5" SATA SSD
  • 64GB-2TB
  • 0-70°/ -40-85°C

SQF-SM8 830

  • MO-300 mSATA Module
  • 16GB - 1TB
  • 0~70 °C / -40~85 °C


  • Up to 16GB
  • 0~85 °C


  • Up to 8GB
  • 0~85 °C


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Advantech provides comprehensive industrial embedded SSD solutions and industrial memory solutions with excellent compatibility, performance and security. All Advantech industrial peripheral modules use the tier 1 chips from original IC vendors and pass inhouse vibration tests, burn-in tests, and 100% screen testing to guarantee industrial-grade stability and reliability for a multitude of applications.


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Advantech provides industrial grade embedded SSD, DRAM and I/O extension module peripherals that offer proven compatibility with
all other Advantech platforms.

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