Cloud-enabled Remote Equipment Monitoring for Water and Wastewater Management

Cloud-enabled Remote Equipment Monitoring for Water and Wastewater Management

Cloud-enabled Remote Equipment Monitoring for Water and Wastewater Management

Cloud-enabled Remote Equipment Monitoring for Water and Wastewater Management

Providing Cloud-enabled Remote Equipment Monitoring for Water and Wastewater Management

Advantech provides a total solution with centralized and distributed architecture to meet the purposes of stable operations. From dam, water treatment, water distribution and transmission to the factories and the communities, real-time and reliable systems are needed to monitor and control the water supply procedure. In addition, Advantech also adopt latest wired, wireless and cloud-enabled ig. MQTT technologies for remote monitoring and control applications.

Why Advantech for Water/Wastewater Management?


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Successful Stories

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Location: Taiwan
Solution Partner: Easy Control

To provide a safety system for 24 hours a day water treatment plant and manage wastewater treatment multiple processes including remove solids, organic compounds and other matters.  …More

System Highlights:

  • High Availability Redundant Controller
  • WebAccess Redundant SCADA Server
  • Redundant and Fiber Networking

City Flood Control Systems

Location: Middle East
Solution Partner: ETEK

City flood prevention is mainly to prevent the problems of heavy rain. The function of the pump station needs to be combined with the water forecasting system for scheduling the tasks. … More

System Highlights:

  • Integrated Video and Control System
  • Remote Monitoring via 3G/4G Network
  • WebAccess SCADA with Google Maps and GPS Location Tracking Integration

River Flow Monitoring

Location: Spain

In mountainous regions around the world heavy rainfall can cause the flooding of rivers much further downstream thereby causing major problems to residents and businesses… More

System Highlights:

  • Local Data Acquisition with Display
  • Modular I/O Easy for Project Maintenance
  • Remote Event Handling and Reporting

Smart Water Grid and Pump Station Monitoring

Location: China

Water pumping stations are the most important node in a water network, the booster pumping station can influence the public water, the drainage pumping station can ensure normal drainage during flood season to protect people from the floods… More

System Highlights:

  • Remote RTU with GPRS Network
  • WebAccess SCADA with Google Maps and GPS Location Tracking Integration
  • Remote Data Log and Multi-center Reporting

Effective Water Supply System for Fish Hatchery

Location: Taiwan
Solution Partner: Easy Control

Taiwan, surrounded by the sea, has a long history of deep sea fishing, offshore fishing, and coastal aquaculture whose breeding technology is internationally renowned. However, pumping large amounts of groundwater for the traditional practice of artificial feeding causes severe ground subsidence at the southwest coast…More

A Total Solution for Water Supply Plants

Location: Taiwan

In modern society, water supply plants play an important role in providing daily and clean water to citizens. Essentially, a water-supply system can be divided into three sections: purification, transmission and consumption… More

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Water Management Product Offering

Cloud-enabled Wireless Data Acquisition and Communication

IoT Wireless I/O Module :
WISE-4000 Series

  • MQTT protocol Support
  • Wireless sensor nodes to monitor liquid/flow level, valve status, pressure
  • HTML5 technology enables data presented via different web browser
  • RESTful Web Service API enables wider IoT application with HTTP/HTTPs
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Intelligent RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) :
ADAM-3600 Series

  • MQTT protocol Support
  • Remote monitoring water level, temperature, flow and quality by connected sensors
  • Support Wifi, GPRS, 3G, LTE networking for different wireless environment
  • Local event handling and process control by standard IEC-61131-3 Softlogic
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RISC-based Industrial Communication Gateway :
ECU-1000 series

  • MQTT Protocol Support
  • Data gateway to collect data from field device like ADAM, WISE or APAX
  • Collects and forwards data from existing PLCs, and meters to the upper layer for further analysis
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Wi-Fi AP/Client :
EKI-6300 Series

  • Compliant with IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, a/n
  • IP55 waterproof certification
  • External RP-SMA connectors for 2T2R antennae
  • MIMO 2 x 2 11n
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Wired Remote Data Acquisition and Control System

Remote I/O Modules :
ADAM-6000/6200 Series

  • Remote monitoring water level, temperature, flow and quality by connected sensors
  • Activate system alarm system if predefined conditions are met
  • ADAM-6200 supports daisy-chain topology for easy installation
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Controller & I/O :
ADAM-5000 Series

  • ADAM-5560 with built-in Codesys Softlogic software for easy programming
  • Supports industrial standard Modbus/TCP and Modbus/RTU protocol
  • Collect remote water information or perform water plant / station field process control
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Distributed Controller & I/O :
APAX-5000 series

  • Modular and high-density I/O design to achieve most flexibility and scalability
  • Flexible expansion architecture, able to build decentralized system solution
  • Supports industrial standard Modbus/TCP and Modbus/RTU protocol
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Ethernet Switches for Harsh Environment

  • Industrial switches support IECEx, ATEX, C1D2 for harsh environment use
  • Necessary and important data can be transferred from field to control center
  • Embedded fiber optical port for long distance installation
  • Perform self-diagnostic functions to check if the Ethernet connection is valid
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Industrial Platforms

The IoT Software Framework :
Advantech WebAccess

  • Collect water information from all remote field devices or data concentrator
  • Displays necessary water information e.g. water level or quality value reading
  • Display method is defined by the system programmer
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Embedded Automation PC:
UNO series

  • Fanless design to deliver high reliability
  • Data concentrator to collect data from field device like ADAM, WISE or APAX
  • Transfer critical and necessary data and information to upper level like control central room
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Industrial-grade Server :
HPC Series

  • Powerful platform installed in control center room
  • SCADA software like WebAccess will be installed to perform remote management
  • Large amount of storage capacity for data acquisition
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Touch Panel PC :
TPC series

  • Displays local water information or water plant / station facility status
  • Supports Modbus/TCP, Modbus/RTU and other standard fieldbus protocols for device integration
  • Robust design: IP66 and wide operating temperature
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